The Hong Kong Observatory revealed that cloud formations that resembled flying saucers or UFOs, were spotted over Hong Kong on July 27.

The city’s meteorological department shared a series of images on its Facebook page that were submitted by a Hongkonger, who caught sight of the clouds over Victoria Harbour from Tsim Sha Tsui.

A collage showing two images of lenticular clouds over the Hong Kong. The image on the left shows the clouds over the Star Ferry pier with the Hong Kong Island skyline in the background. The second image shows more scattered versions of the clouds over the city.
The flying saucer, or lenticular clouds, seen over the Star Ferry pier and Hong Kong Island (© Hong Kong Observatory via Facebook)

The images show a scattering of these clouds — known as lenticular clouds as they are lens-shaped — that were spotted over Hong Kong Island making their way over the harbour.

This type of cloud typically forms when stable, moist air condenses into water droplets due to upwards airflow. Although these clouds are not uncommon in themselves, it is unusual to spot them in Hong Kong in the summer.

In December 2020, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology shared images of a lenticular cloud formation seen over its campus. The UFO-like clouds formed over the hills near the university.

While lenticular clouds usually occur in mountainous regions, they are occasionally seen in places with low-lying or flat terrain. Their saucer-like shape leads some people to mistake them for UFOs

In June, an eagle-eyed Hongkonger captured a rare breaking waves cloud formation over Victoria Harbour called fluctus clouds. These clouds generally remain in their wave-like form for a minute or two, which makes them hard to spot.

Header image credits: Hong Kong Observatory via Facebook

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