Uplifters is a young NGO created in Hong Kong by Marie Kretz Di Meglio. The organization provides online courses to domestic helpers everywhere in Asia and the Middle East. Their goal is to help domestic helpers build better futures for themselves and their families.

Uplifters founder

Their free money management and personal growth program helps helpers to become financially literate (budgeting, loan risks, savings, interest rate, investments, etc.) and acquire personal grown tools (self-confidence, communication skills etc.). They are also currently working on additional free programs around the topics of work ethics, health, self-care and more.

Uplifters Student Gathering

They also plan to offer a variety of vocational courses to help them upgrade their professional skills. Helpers will be able to learn baby care, cooking, hygiene, how to care for the elderly, food safety and more. Their baby care program was developed by a paediatrician and will be released soon. The courses are beneficial to employers and domestic helpers alike as the additional skills truly help build happy working relationships between both parties.

For expat parents in Hong Kong, they’ve just created a Facebook support group for employers. Check it out here and join now!

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