Hongkongers will be able to catch the best meteor shower of 2023 between December 14 and 15 when the Geminids light up the sky. The best viewing time for the shower will be between 8.30pm on December 14 and 6am on December 15, with the peak at 3am on December 15.

The Geminids are considered the best annual meteor shower to view in Hong Kong as the meteors are slow-moving and have a high zenithal hourly rate of 150 — the number of meteors observers could see in an hour during the peak of a meteor shower, if viewing conditions are ideal. It is also unusual as it is caused by an asteroid instead of a comet, its parent body being the 3200 Phaethon.

The Geminids appear to originate in the constellation Gemini, which is the radiant of the meteor shower (© Hong Kong Science Museum)

This year, the shower is active from December 4-20, but observers will be able to see the most meteors this week in remote areas with an unobstructed view and low light pollution. Viewers will not need a telescope during this time as, according to the Hong Kong Space Museum, meteors are better observed with the naked eye.

The peak of the Geminids will come just after the new moon on December 13, which means that the sky will be dark enough to view the meteors. Space Museum authorities suggest using a star map to locate the radiant — the celestial point where the meteors appear to originate — and a red torch to help spot the meteors better. They also recommend that viewers take a deck chair and a sleeping bag or blanket to make themselves comfortable.

The Hong Kong Science Museum will also livestream the shower on its YouTube channel, from 9am-11pm on December 14, for those who cannot watch the event outdoors.

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Header image credits: Danny Leung via Flickr

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