There are a number of natural hidden wonders amongst the concrete jungle that is Hong Kong. Waterfalls are perhaps the most picturesque and calming of them. With Hong Kong’s green, lush hills and tropical weather, you will find waterfalls in almost all parts of the city, from the islands to the New Territories. Here are some of our favourites!

Little Hawaii Waterfall Tseung Kwan O

little hawaii waterfall tseung kwan o
Little Hawaii Waterfall is an idyllic spot (© Hong Kong Hikers)

One of the easiest hikes in the city you can take to reach a waterfall, this well-paved 4km trail is popular with kids and adults alike. While it doesn’t have a high vertical drop, the Little Hawaii Waterfall spreads across the slope, making it possible for explorers to climb up multiple levels of little waterfalls. The waterfall can only be seen in its full glory from within the trail itself, but there are a few benches and tables for you to have a picnic and enjoy the view.

How To Get There: From Diamond Hill MTR, take bus number 91/92 to Tseng Lan Shue. Take the entrance to the Wilson Trail Section 3 and walk up to see the directions that lead you to the Little Hawaii Trail.

Sheung Luk Stream Sai Kung

sheung luk stream waterfall sai kung
Accessible adventuring at Sheung Luk Stream (© lonerleung via Lemi)

Sai Kung is already well known for its blue waters and breathtaking hikes. Amid the greenery, there are a number of rock pools and of course, waterfalls! The most famous is Sheung Luk Stream aka “double deer” in Cantonese, which has an endless supply of crystal clear water streaming into a natural swimming pool. You have to take a relatively easy hike to get to the waterfall, but you will be greeted with not only incredible views, but a chance to go cliff jumping if you’re seeking a bit of adventure! This waterfall is located 30 minutes away from Ham Tin, Tai Long Wan, one of the best beach in Hong Kong.

How To Get There: From Sai Kung, take the minibus 29R or a taxi to Sai Wan Pavilion. Follow the path and hike to Sai Wan Village (45 minutes). Taking a sampan from Sai Kung is another option. Follow the stream from the end of the beach up to the falls.

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Waterfall Bay Park Waterfall Pok Fu Lam

waterfall bay park pok fu lam
Waterfall Bay Park lies between the ocean and rows of residential buildings (© Nachikit via WikiCommons)

In terms of ease of access, it doesn’t get simpler than the Waterfall Bay Park, making this one a great short trip with kids or adults. Unlike the others on this list, this waterfall drops almost directly into the sea, and was used as a site for sailors to replenish their water for centuries. Now it takes a little longer to find the waterfall, as it requires jumping over some fences. But once you get there, you can admire the beauty while sitting under a large tree next to a number of Chinese and Hindu religious figurines. 

How To Get There: Take any of the number of buses available to Wah Fu (from Central, Kennedy Town, Aberdeen etc). Hop off at Wah Fu Commercial Complex, walk for 10 minutes along Waterfall Bay Road to the park. Walk down two flights of stairs to get to the bay.

Silvermine Waterfall Lantau

silvermine waterfall mui wo
The upper falls at Silvermine Waterfall (© Thrillophilia)

This waterfall requires you to hop on a ferry, but it’s well worth the effort. Located in northwest Mui Wo, Lantau, it is only a 30-minute hike from the ferry terminal on the paved Islands Nature Heritage Trail.  The falls consist of the upper and lower falls that meet several cool and refreshing pools at the bottom that run all the way to the beach, for the perfect refreshing swim on a Hong Kong summer day. It is quite busy, but there are also benches to sit and admire the view. Also a short 5 minutes away is the Silvermine Cave, known for being commonly excavated during the silver mining business back in the 19th century.

How To Get There: From Central Ferry Pier No. 6, take the ferry to Mui Wo. Walk along the Mui Wo Rural Committee Road, and then follow the Islands Nature Heritage Trail to the falls.

Bride’s Pool Waterfall Tai Po

brides pool tai po
After rainfall, Bride’s Pool Waterfall looks like a bridal veil (© The Hong Kong Less Travelled)

With a height of 15 meters, this is one of the most popular waterfalls in Hong Kong. It is named for the ancient tale about a young bride being carried to her wedding in a sedan chair by porters, when one of them slipped, causing the bride to fall and down. Yet as one of Hong Kong’s most beautiful natural landmarks, it attracts adventurers and families in equal parts. Despite being far from the city, it is almost always busy, especially on weekends, as people enjoy swimming in the waters and staying for a picturesque picnic.

How To Get There: From Tai Po Market MTR Station, take the 20C minibus to Tai Mei Tuk, from where Bride’s Pool is an hour-long hike. Alternatively, on weekends, take the 275R bus directly from Tai Po Market to Bride’s Pool bus terminus.

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Lugard Falls The Peak

the peak stream waterfall
One of the several waterfalls along the stream leading to Lugard Falls (© HK Outdoor Adventures)

Named after the 14th Governor of Hong Kong, Lugard Falls at Victoria Peak is an oasis in the middle of the city. Mostly visible during the rainy season, this may not have a spot for swimming or even sitting for too long, but it is a great spot to capture a photo once you finish your hike to the Peak. Or, if you’re sightseeing on the Peak, and want a quick getaway, the waterfall is less than 10 minutes away from the Peak Gallery. Moderate to advanced level hikers may also want to try hiking to the Peak along the stream starting from Pok Fu Lam Road Playground. There is clambering and feet-wetting involved, but the numerous small pools and waterfalls along the way are something not many people in Hong Kong see.

How To Get There: Take the Peak Tram or hike from Admiralty, HKU, or Pok Fu Lam, up to the Peak. Follow the road at the intersection of Harlech Road, Lugard Road and Peak Road next to The Peak Lookout, the waterfall will be visible shortly.

Tai Tam Mound Waterfall Tai Tam

tai tam mound waterfall and pool
Child-friendly shallow waters at the edge of Tai Tam Mound waterfall (© GetHigh HK)

You’ve probably visited the Tai Tam Reservoir, but just a short hike away is a gorgeous waterfall surrounded by greenery and blue waters. It’s the perfect spot for a quick, quiet dip and then enjoying the view with a glass of wine or beer. It is slightly hard to find as it’s off Section 6 of the Hong Kong Trail, but the 20-minute hike is relatively easy! And the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Beautiful cascading waters and great scenery!

How To Get There: From Sai Wan Ho MTR, take bus 14 and get off at Tai Tam Reservoir (North). Enter the Tai Tam country walk, and the falls are an easy 1km hike, but you will pass two bridges and then climb down a rocky path.

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Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls Tai Mo Shan

ng tung chai tai mo shan
Stairsteps of waterfalls at Ng Tung Chai (© Hong Kong Tourism Board)

If you are a frequent hiker and wish to see something truly spectacular, Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls consists of four separate falls to admire, with the highest, Main Falls, being 30 metres high. Reaching it, however, means passing through dense jungles, climbing large rocks, and overcoming steep inclines during a 3-hour hike, but the reward is worth it! You can take a dip in the rock pools and cool off, of course capturing the beauty for the gram, before heading back down.

How To Get There: From Tai Wo MTR, take bus number 64K to Ng Tung Chai. Pass through Man Tak Yuen Temple and follow the waterfall path (signposted) uphill.

Pearl Falls — Lantau

pearl falls hong kong
Pearl Falls is on the way to Silvermine Falls in Lantau (© The HK HUB)

This is one of the waterfalls that leads to the Silvermine Waterfall near Mui Wo. This is part of the lower falls where you’ll encounter a peaceful stream fed by an impressive waterfall. It’s an idyllic spot is about a one-hour walk from the Mui Wo Pier. You can swim and sunbathe here while admiring the view. Make sure you bring your own food and drink or stock up at Mui Wo town before heading here so you can throw a picnic into the mix! 

How To Get There: From Central Ferry Pier No. 6, take the ferry to Mui Wo. Walk along the Mui Wo Rural Committee Road, and follow the Islands Nature Heritage Trail to the falls, to the lower falls.

Ping Nam Waterfalls — Fanling

ping nam falls hong kong
This is a great spot to do some rockclimbing (© am_changetogreen via Instagram)

This little-known waterfall in the New Territories is an hour and a half away from one of Hong Kong’s most famous waterfalls, Bride’s Pool. We suggest heading to this picturesque spot if you want something a little quieter. It’s a relatively easy hike to get there, and once you’ve reached, it’s a great spot to chill out, or if you’re more adventurous, to do a bit of rock climbing! Once you’re done, take a relaxed dip in the water or choose a flat rocky surface to picnic.

How To Get There: From Fanling MTR Station, take a minibus or taxi to Nam Chung children’s playground. Then walk south along South Bay Road until a bit past where the Nam Chung Country Trail begins and head to Ping Nam stream.

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