The tolls on all three cross-harbour tunnels in Hong Kong will change, starting August 2. Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, Secretary for Transport and Logistics Lam Sai-hung said that the toll for private cars taking the Western Harbour Crossing will go down to HK$60, while those on the Cross-Harbour Tunnel and Eastern Harbour Crossing will go up to HK$30.

In addition, there will be a flat rate of HK$25 for taxis going through all three tunnels, and an overnight toll of HK$20 on all vehicles. This is the first part of the government’s plan to ease cross-harbour congestion.

Western Harbour CrossingHK$75HK$60-20%
Cross-Harbour TunnelHK$20HK$30+50%
Eastern Harbour CrossingHK$25HK$30+20%
The new cross-harbour crossing tolls that will come into effect from August 2, 2023

The second part of the plan involves the introduction of rush-hour fares for private cars and motorcycles from Monday to Saturday by the end of 2023. There will be peak-hour charges on these vehicles from 7.30am-10.15am, and from 4.30pm-7pm. Commuters will pay HK$30 for all tunnels from 10.15am-4.30 pm, and HK$20 from 7pm-7.30 am.

To prevent commuters from speeding up or slowing down when toll periods change, the increases and decreases will be phased in and out. The tolls will go up by HK$2 every two minutes at the start of the period, then fall at the same rate at the end of the rush hour.

Header image credits: Daniel Case via WikiCommons

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