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It can be overwhelming to navigate the dynamic space that is Hong Kong’s educational and extra-curricular landscape. Parents who are new to the city may face challenges when looking for the right school for their children. Some may need assistance in finding a language course for their teenagers or a soccer academy for their pre-schoolers. Whizpa aims to help parents by providing them a platform to search for schools and activities across the city and to compare these services based on pricing and other families’ experiences with them.

Whizpa: A review, rating, and ranking platform for and by parents

Whizpa was started in 2017 by former investment banker and mother-of-three, Jennifer Chin, who was trying to find pre-school options for her then 16-month-old. She found that it was challenging to select schools or activities that worked for her children in terms of the quality of teachers, curriculum, location, and pricing – especially given that each child needed a different approach depending on their individual interests and personalities.

Based on her experience, Jennifer realised that parents on the lookout for education services in Hong Kong needed two things:

  • To streamline the research process for schools and activities in the city.
  • To compare the services they’re looking for based on price, and reviews and recommendations from other parents.

Jennifer created Whizpa to be a search engine for schools, learning centres, education consultants, kids’ retailers, holiday camps, recreation clubs, family and health services, and charity organisations that parents can search for based on their preferred location and children’s ages.

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She also drew upon the collective knowledge of parents in Hong Kong by making the website a platform for them to review, rate, and rank the various providers listed on Whizpa.

Compare prices and make payments easily with the Whizpa E-Shop

Whizpa also aims to make purchasing education services easier for parents with its E-Shop – a third-party platform where users can shop and pay for classes, camps, or courses online, as opposed to being limited to cash and cheque payments or bank transfers.

Parents can browse through a variety of academic and extra-curricular classes on the E-Shop, and get access to special offers and discounts. Those who are unsure about whether a programme will suit their child can sign up for trial classes offered by providers vetted by Whizpa. Check out the Editors’ Picks for the website’s recommendations about the hottest camps and courses in Hong Kong.

The E-Shop also has free online eBooks that provide information, insights and opinions from top educators about a wide variety of subjects – from prepping your child for primary school and building a resume to impress college admissions board members, to the importance of grades in a child’s success and how to balance your child’s social media screentime.

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