A 12-year-old boy from Hong Kong who resides in the UK scored an impressive 160 on the Mensa IQ test, equalling Albert Einstein’s score. With this achievement, Cyrus Leung has secured a place in the exclusive Mensa society for high-IQ individuals. 

Cyrus, whose family moved to Sheffield from Hong Kong in 2019, was just two points short of the maximum score on the Mensa test, according to The Star. Leung’s IQ was scored on the Cattell III B scale, and he obtained a 147 score on the Culture Fair Scale.

According to Leung’s father Frank, Cyrus displayed a natural ability in mathematics from a young age and could recite multiplication tables from the age of 3. Cyrus — who is currently in Birkdale School in Broomhill and a talented pianist — aspires to become a mathematician or a scientist.

Last year, another Hong Kong child aced the Mensa test with a score of 162, beating Einstein and Stephen Hawking’s scores. Adrian Li, who was 11 at the time he did the test, lives in the London borough of Barnet and hopes to become a cardiologist and get a degree from Cambridge.

Header image credits: Dean Atkins via The Star

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