Kowloon City, which is known as Hong Kong’s Little Thailand, will host its 2024 Songkran celebrations from April 12-14 at Carpenter Road Park and South Wall Road. The event, called Kowloon City Songkran Festival 2024, will celebrate the Thai New Year with a water-splashing activity, as well as a Thai-style bazaar, Thai boxing, and Thai costume experiences.

The highlight of the festivities will be the water-splashing event on April 13 and 14, which will take place at the Carpenter Road Park. Anyone who wishes to take part in the event needs to register for 45-minute sessions that will be set to electronic music. Those who successfully register will get a confirmation email with a QR code no later than April 11. Participants must bring their own water guns, but only use water provided at the venue.

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The other attractions of the festival include a bazaar where visitors can sample Thai street food, a pop-up market, Thai singing and dance performances, a traditional Songkran ceremony, Thai boxing shows and competitions, and a Thai costume experience. The event is being organised as part of the Hong Kong government’s Day x Night Vibes campaign.

Songkran is on April 13 every year, and is best known for its Water Festival in which major streets in the country are closed and celebrants splash water on each other — a practice symbolic of blessing each other, sharing joy, and purifying each other. Celebrations in Hong Kong began earlier this month, with the recently-concluded Songkran HK 2024.

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