Author: Ceris Wong

Born in Toronto and raised in Hong Kong, Ceris is a dedicated storyteller and social impact writer with a focus on social inclusion, mental wellbeing, and sustainability. A legal professional by day and a yoga instructor by night, she believes in the authenticity of words and the power of the mind and soul to connect through a mindful and sustainable lifestyle. As the ultimate face and mind behind the drool- worthy foodie account @eatwickedly, you can surely find her hopping around different cafes or teaching yoga in the city when she’s not writing. Learn more about her journey at @ceriswong.

Celebrated worldwide, 21 June marks the International Day of Yoga in which yogis from all around the world gather to celebrate the universal appeal of yoga. Recognised by the United Nations as one of the best alternatives for individuals to seek an inner balance of their mind, body, and soul, this year’s theme “Yoga for Humanity” echoes strongly with how values of mindfulness, moderation and discipline, when embraced by communities and societies, would offer a path for sustainable living and world harmony. Yoga in Hong Kong has blossomed through the years. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or a newbie…

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