Crispy, fluffy, and with just the right whisper of sweetness, the egg waffle has turned from a humble street food into a staple of local cuisine and a must-try for visitors. Made with an egg and sugar base, the iconic Hong Kong snack that is gai daan jai is typically served warm all on its own, while modern versions have taken liberties adding fillings like chocolate, black sesame seeds, or even salted duck egg.

Bubble waffles are almost always made to order as their flavour and texture quickly deteoriorate within 10 minutes of being made – which, for us, is just an excuse to chow down faster. In this article, we’ll take you on a mouthwatering journey through the top egg waffles in Hong Kong.

Master Low-key Food Shop — Shau Kei Wan

hong kong eggette and waffles from master low key food shop hong kong
‘Golden Egg Waffle’ with salted egg yolk (© Master Low-key Food Shop)

Tucked away in Shau Kei Wan, Master Low-key Food Shop has a reputation for crafting some of the finest egg waffles, also known as bubble waffles, in Hong Kong. Their perfectly golden waffles, priced from HK$24 to HK$38, have an irresistible crunch and lightness. Visitors rave about the egg puffs’ distinctively aromatic egg flavour, which keeps people coming back for the classic local snack. For more of an assault on your tastebuds if you’re all too familiar with the original flavour, try the Golden Egg Waffle (HK$36) with bites of salted egg yolk and condensed milk.

G/F, Shop B3, Guangxin Building, Shau ​​Kei Wan Main St E | +852 6986 8500

Lee Keung Kee North Point Egg Waffles  — North Point, Tsim Sha Tsui

lady operating egg waffle machines at lee keung kee north point egg waffles hk
Lee Keung Kee’s original North Point location (© Debbs. via Flickr)

Lee Keung Kee North Point Egg Waffles has two bustling locations, in North Point and Tsim Sha Tsui, where you can find some of the best egg waffles in Hong Kong. Despite the shop’s name, they also serve up other famous street food items like siu mai and intestines. Known for their generously sized Hong Kong-style waffles with a delightful crispiness, patrons are more than willing to brave the queues. Their take on Hong Kong egglets err on having more hollow bubbles, which those who prefer a more crisp rather than cakey bite will love. Prices start at HK$22, and the black truffle eggette, a luxurious specialty, is a must-try for the adventurous foodie.

Tsim Sha Tsui: 78 Nathan Rd | +852 2590 9726

North Point: 492 King’s Rd | +852 25909726

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629 Egg Waffle — Kowloon City

hong kong egg waffles from 629 egg waffle
The original and purple potato egglets (© 629 Egg Waffle)

629 Egg Waffle, a cosy stall in Kowloon City, serves up fragrant, golden-brown egg waffles that are hard to resist. For just HK$20, you can savour their traditional waffles or indulge in the popular green tea egg puff with peanut butter and condensed milk (HK$30) for a sweet, gooey surprise. With just one shopkeeper pumping out waffles, expect to wait in line on weekends, but with 25 flavours to try, this is a nice one to visit again and again.

Shop 28J, G/F, Hong King Mall, 28 Hong Keung Street, San Po Kong | +852

Mammy Pancake — Multiple locations

egg waffle with pork floss from mammy pancake hong kong
Mala pork floss bubble waffle for Halloween (© Mammy Pancake)

Mammy Pancake is a beloved chain with over 10 branches in Hong Kong (plus a couple in Taiwan!) that has gained a loyal following for its range of unique flavours of Hong Kong egg waffle. Their crackly crisp exterior conceals a soft, warm center that just melts in your mouth. Mammy Pancake offers nearly 20 flavours including their signature matcha and chocolate chip egglets; you can even add HK$20 for two scoops of ice cream to turn it into an Instagrammable egg waffle cone. One of the few bubble waffle shop chains in Hong Kong, the prices are slightly higher than others starting at around HK$25 for special flavours, making these treats an indulgence.

Multiple locations in Hong Kong

Hung Hom Pancake (紅磡雞蛋仔) — Hung Hom

hong kong egg puffs in paper bag
Plain Hong Kong-style eggettes (© Ivani Chang via Flickr)

Located in the bustling neighborhood of Hung Hom just three minutes from Whampoa MTR station, Hung Hom Pancake offers a scrumptious range of egg waffles at wallet-friendly prices hovering around HK$15. Having been around for more than four decades, the shop’s unpretentious exterior belies the delicious treats within. Don’t miss their signature mixed flavour waffles, which let you try two flavours at once. Hung Hom Pancake’s bubble waffles have denser fillings than other egg waffle spots, giving way to a chewier and fluffier interior.

53 Bulkeley St, Hung Hom

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More Eggettes — Mong Kok

star egg waffles with ice cream from more eggettes hong kong
Chocolate ‘starry eggettes’ with ice cream (© More Eggettes)

More Eggettes, situated in vibrant Mong Kok (aka the most famous place for street food), is famous for their extensive menu of experimental flavors. These Hong Kong egg waffles, starting at HK$23, are not your typical eggette fare. From the indulgent Matcha Red Bean (HK$26) to the savoury Starry Pizza (HK$30), each creation is a culinary adventure. They also sell dumplings, siu mai, and milk tea if you need a bit more sustenance to power your trip around Kowloon.

17 Yu Chau St, Mong Kok |

BB Egg Waffle (BB雞蛋仔) — Chai Wan

ice cream waffles and bubble waffles from bb egg waffle hong kong
Ice cream waffles and chocolate egglet (© BB Egg Waffle)

BB Egg Waffle in Chai Wan is a hidden gem that attracts egg waffle enthusiasts from all around to the eastern corner of Hong Kong Island. With prices starting at HK$20, these waffles boast an ideal balance of fluffiness and crunch. The shop’s standout offering is the Belgium Chocolate egglet with its gooey centre that makes every bite a delightful experience. (Tip: BB Egg Waffle also well-liked for their waffle ice cream sandwiches priced from HK$26, and we recommend the Green Tea or Durian!)

Shop 413, G/F, Lok Hin Terrace, 350 Chai Wan Rd, Chai Wan

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Hang Fat Egg Waffle (恒發雞蛋仔) — Kowloon City

bubble waffle cone with ice cream and fruit from bb egg waffle hong kong
Ice cream egg waffle cone (© BB Egg Waffle)

Hang Fat Egg Waffle, another Kowloon City favourite, has earned a devoted customer base for its traditional, no-frills approach to egg waffles. Priced from HK$20, their waffles have a crispy exterior and tender interior that’ll have you craving more. Keep an eye out for their seasonal specials, like the aromatic taro waffle with each pocket absolutely stuffed with taro flour paste, which offers a pure, minimally sweet twist on the classic. Don’t go unless you have time to wait a bit, as the sole lady working the waffle machines works steadily to prepare each order.

64 Nga Tsin Wai Rd, Kowloon City

Header image credits: roboppy via Flickr

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