Hong Kong’s top Japanese restaurants offer a diverse culinary journey, from the cozy comfort of a steamy ramen bowl to the exquisite delight of high-grade yakiniku and the freshest seafood. Celebrating both traditional and innovative dishes, these japanese restaurants showcase the best ingredients and skilled chefs in the city. Japanese dining is taken to serious heights in the 852 and whether you want a simple bowl of ramen or to indulge in quality grade Japanese BBQ, yakiniku, or the freshest seafood, the restaurants below cover it all.

Zuma — Central

interior and chef counter at zuma hong kong
Zuma ‘s beautiful, sprawling chef counter and bar (© Zuma)

For a modern rendition of Japanese izakaya, look no further than the glamorous dining that Zuma offers. The two-storey setting and spacious floor plan features a variety of seating areas, private dining rooms, lounge, garden terrace, and a lit spiral staircase that’s perfect for a bougie night out with friends. Expect a hybrid Japanese fine dining experience in the heart of Central with chefs concocting flavourful dishes, like the signature miso marinated black cod going at HK$380. A stellar brunch starting at HK$858 per head is offered on the weekends, filling tables with an assortment of sushi, sashimi, and a choice of meats to name a few. And, might we add, the cocktails are not to be missed!

Price Range: $$$$
Signature Dish To Try: Miso Marinated Black Cod, Roasted Lobster, Spicy Beef Tenderloin, Chilean Sea Bass
Location: Level 5 & 6 Landmark Atrium, Central
Contact: Website | Instagram | Facebook | +852 3657 6388

Shugetsu Ramen — Causeway Bay, Central, Quarry Bay

tsukemen from shugetsu ramen hk
Shugetsu offers value-for-money Michelin-starred tsukemen (© Shugetsu Ramen)

Tucked in a quaint street of Central, with other locations in Causeway Bay and Quarry Bay, Shugetsu Ramen is a Michelin-starred ramen joint that’s known for its handmade noodles, slow-cooked fish, and soy sauce-based broth that helms the dining experience. It originates from Shikoku, Japan and is famed for tsukemen, which is a cold noodle dipped into a concentrated broth, at a nicely priced HK$111. Traditional ramen is also served, as well as complementing side dishes, like fried chicken and gyoza dumplings. The restaurant boasts an intimate setting with warm hues and a woody interior for the solo foodie or when you want to take a plus one for something authentic yet simple. Queues start early, but the wait is worth every second.

Price Range: $$
Signature Dish To Try: Shugetsu Tsukemen, Shugetsu Ramen, Spicy Tsukemen
Locations: Central, 5 Gough St, Central | +852 2850 6009 or Quarry Bay: G/F, 30 Hoi Kwong St, Quarry Bay | +852 2336 7888
Contact: Instagram | Facebook 

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Sushi Saito — Central

interior of sushi saito hong kong
Premium omakase and service at Sushi Saito (© City Foodsters via WikiCommons)

One can’t get any fresher seafood than at two-Michelin-star Sushi Saito. Located at the Four Seasons Hotel, fresh seafood is imported daily to this Hong Kong Japanese restaurant from Tokyo’s Toyosu Market that’s carefully selected every morning by chef Takashi Saito. Did we say imported daily? Yes. The Edomae-style sushi is what distinguishes Sushi Saito from other sushi restaurants in the city. It’s famed for its immaculate presentation of tastes and textures and the perfectly timed execution of each sushi piece. Seating just 16 people in a light woody interior, getting a reservation in advance is vital. Lunch sets start at HK$1,480 and dinner omakase menu start at HK$3,480.

Price Range: $$$$
Signature Dish To Try: Wild blue eel, Akami Tuna, Chu-Toro, Kuruma-Ebi
Location:  45/F, Four Seasons Hong Kong, 8 Finance St, Central
Contact: Website | Facebook | +852 2527 0811

Kyoto Oden Masa — Causeway Bay

japanese food and sake at kyoto oden masa
Enjoy impeccable service and consistently quality oden (© Kyoto Oden Masa)

With just three tables each seating four people and five bar seats, Kyoto Oden Masa is a small eatery that’s as cozy as the dishes it serves. Oden is a popularised winter one-pot staple in Japan that’s a simmered broth with ingredients like daikon radish, tofu, fish cake, and an assortment of vegetables. Here, it’s a given to order the oden pot that features the said ingredients on top of other condiments, like broiled tofu, dashimaki egg, and shirataki noodles, ranging from HK$28 to HK$158. Brace yourself for food that warms your soul.

Price Range: $$
Signature Dish To Try: Broiled Tofu, Dashimaki Egg, Shirataki Noodles
Location:  Shop 1103, 11/F, United Success Commercial Centre, 508 Jaffe Rd, Causeway Bay
Contact: Instagram | Facebook | +852 2891 1530

Yakiniku Great — Central, Sheung Wan

sauce being poured on raw beef slices at yakiniku great
Yakiniku Great is an institution for excellent yakiniku (© Yakiniku Great)

Yakiniku is Japanese BBQ serving up premium grade meats and at Yakiniku Great, you get this on top of a luxe experience featuring an open dining concept and sleek interiors. A trip to the hipster Soho location or buzzing Sheung Wan branch brings you to every beef aficionado’s dream. Cuts start from HK$198 with the Tourgarashi and Kurisankaku to HK$598 for the superior rare cut of the Chateau Briand. Opt for the omakase tasting sets that start at HK$680 for specially rare cuts handpicked by the chef. Complete your dining experience by going strong with a whisky highball!

Price Range: $$$
Signature Dish To Try: Chateau Briand, Misuji Briand, Ultimate Sirloin
Locations:  Sheung Wan,G/F, Manhattan Ave, 255 Queen’s Rd Central, Sheung Wan | +852 3565 6129 or Central, 1/F, Lower H Code, 45 Pottinger St, Central | +852 2758 8688
Contact: Instagram | Facebook

Sagano — Tsim Sha Tsui

chefs counter at sagano hong kong japanese restaurant
Sagano’s sleek interior inside New World Millenium Hotel (© Sagano)

Transport yourself to the tranquil part of Kyoto where simple meets elegance at Sagano. At this Hong Kong Japanese restaurant, diners get the complete Japanese cultural experience from the food to the bamboo and wood aesthetics. Dine in one of the six VIP rooms, one being tatami style. The menu offers a wide assortment of Japanese dishes, like sushi, sashimi, tempura, noodles, and cutlets. Favourites include the stewed meat, seafood dishes, and grilled kamo eggplant with miso paste. A bevy of lunch sets are offered that start at HK$480, alongside dinner sets that start at HK$1,180.

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Price Range: $$$
Signature Dish To Try: Stewed Meat, Seafood Dishes, Grilled Kamo Eggplant with Miso Paste
Location: 1/F, New World Millennium Hong Kong Hotel, Tsim Sha Tsui
Contact: Website | Instagram | Facebook | +852 2313 4222

Nadaman — Central

sushi from nadaman hong kong
Traditional Japanese food done exquisitely at Nadaman (© Nadaman)

Situated in the Shangri-La Hotel, Nadaman is a spacious and delightful venue that boasts harmony and is just simply elegant. It offers traditional Japanese cuisine of every kind, from teppanyaki and assorted sashimi to sushi omakase and chef’s recommendations that start at HK$450. Itamae Takatsugu Koyama, hailing from Tokyo, is meticulous when it comes to serving dishes that preserve authenticity without spoiling them with cloyingly rich flavours. Nadaman is perfect for a work gathering or rounding up the family together over a palatable meal that’s worth every pretty penny.

Price Range: $$$
Signature Dish To Try: Teppanyaki, Sashimi and Sushi Omakase
Location: Level 7, Pacific Place, Supreme Court Rd, Central
Contact: Website | Instagram | Facebook | +852 2820 8570

Fukuro — Central

interior of fukuro japanese restaurant
Fukuro is Black Sheep Restaurants’ Japanese love child (© Fukuro)

For a fun night out with a small group and impeccable service, Fukuro is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong that just hits the spot! Part of Black Sheep Restaurants Group, Fukuro pays tribute to the late nights of the working class in Tokyo who need a place to let loose while enjoying delectable food and drinks. Fukuro‘s dimly lit Soho venue whips up small sharing plates, like the tasty Agedashi Tofu (HK$98), Spicy Chicken Karaage (HK$138), Saikyo Miso Black Cod (HK$278), and platters of market fish (HK$198-338).

Price Range: $$$
Signature Dish To Try: Agedashi Tofu, Spicy Chicken Karaage, Saikyo Miso Black Cod
Location: G/F, Winly Building, 1-5 Elgin St, Central
Contact: Website | Instagram | Facebook | +852 2333 8841

Shikon by Yoshitake — Central

japanese chef yoshiharu kakinuma at sushi shikon
Sit a counter apart from three-Michelin-starred itamae Yoshiharu Kakinuma (© Sushi Shikon)

Holding three Michelin stars since 2014, Shikon by Yoshitake delivers a sterling culinary experience with lunch (HK$2,250) and dinner (HK$4,000) omakase sets featuring seasonal appetisers, eight to ten pieces of Edomae-style sushi, soup, and dessert. Fresh seafood is flown in from Tokyo’s Toyosu Market daily to ensure quality ingredients meet the Japanese fine dining concept. Executive chef Yoshiharu Kakinuma was apprentice to Chef Yoshitake who opened the flagship branch in Ginza, Tokyo, and the two closely work together to deliver exemplary food and service. Dine in a lit and wooded interior with a hinoki counter imported straight from Japan, as well as Japanese art and antiques.

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Price Range: $$$$
Signature Dish To Try: Abalone, Octopus Braised in Soy Sauce, Mullet roes (Karasumi)
Location: 7/F, Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Central
Contact: Website | Instagram | Facebook | +852 2643 6800

RŌNIN — Sheung Wan

sushi from ronin hong kong
RŌNIN is a popular, small izakaya tucked in Sheung Wan (© RŌNIN)

Listed as one of the top 50 restaurants in Asia in 2018, RŌNIN is a 14-seater izakaya dining bar that drills in on the best in class seafood. The cosy nook offers bar and wall seating where diners can relish in a fine selection of whiskies, umeshu, or sake while waiting for dishes to be served. RŌNIN prizes itself on the freshest seafood that are in season, so be sure to make your rounds throughout the year. Favourites of this well-loved Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong include the unagi chirashi, pickled cucumber, kinome (HK$320), and flower crab, uni (HK$520). A market tasting menu is offered at HK$1,180 that’s subject to change based on market seasonality. End your meal with the scrumptious sweet potato donut, maple, kinako (HK$80).

Price Range: $$$
Signature Dish To Try: Unagi Chirashi, Pickled Cucumber, Kinome, Flower Crab, Uni
Location: 8 On Wo Ln, Sheung Wan
Contact: Website | Instagram | +852 2547 5263

Honjo — Sheung Wan

Honja’s special themed room is elegantly adorned with a collection of exquisite artworks. (© Honjo)

Honjo, a sophisticated Japanese fusion restaurant nestled in Sheung Wan, offers a remarkable dining experience. Among Honjo’s standout dishes is the Wagyu (HK$150) , a heavenly combination of seared beef fillets, crispy toasted rice, and shishito peppers, all bathed in a tantalizing tosazu sauce – a true culinary masterpiece. And for dessert enthusiasts, the Matcha Lava (HK$130) is a must-try, featuring a delightful combination of roasted white chocolate, cookies, and creamy vanilla ice cream.

Price Range: $$$
Signature Dish To Try: Wagyu Beef, Kani Kamameshi, Tempura Soft Crab, Matcha Lava
Location: 1/F, 77-91 Queen’s Rd West, Sheung Wan
Contact: Website | Instagram | Facebook | +852 2663 3772

Kushiro — Tsim Sha Tsui

Experience moon-themed Japanese garden decor at Kushiro (© Kushiro)

At Kushiro, the moon-themed Japanese garden decor immerses you in a warm and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant prides itself on sourcing the freshest seasonal seafood, carefully selected from Japanese markets, which their talented chefs skillfully transform into imaginative dishes. For a truly immersive dining experience, explore their Omakase sets, starting at just HK$980 for lunch and HK$1980 for dinner. The lunch set includes 3 appetizers and a delightful selection of 10 sushi and Maki, while the dinner set features 2 appetizers, a main course, and an array of 10 sushi and Maki.

Price Range: $$$
Signature Dish To Try: Hokkaido Shirako, Live Green Sea Urchin (Bafun Uni)
Location: Shop BW1, BW3 & BW5, B1/F, The Peninsula Hotel,, Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Contact: Website | Instagram | Facebook | +852 2957 8838

Sushiyoshi — Tsim Sha Tsui

Hokkaido Sea Urchin (© Sushiyoshi)

Sushiyoshi, where passion meets perfection. Chef Owner Hiroki, hailing from a non-sushi background, turned his father’s restaurant into a Michelin 2-Star gem. Here, traditional Edo-Mae sushi and inventive appetizers coexist harmoniously. Don’t miss Chef Hiroki’s signature Hairy Crab Omakase (HK$3,480), a culinary journey that artfully combines crab, sea urchin, conger eel, tuna, and more in a delightful dance of flavors.

Price Range: $$$
Signature Dish To Try: Hairy Crab Omakase, Unagi Handroll, Uni Gunkan, Chu-Toro Sushi
Location: 1/F, The Otto Hotel, 8 Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Contact: Website | Instagram | Facebook | +852 2657 0280

Header image credits: Sushi Shikon by Yoshitake

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