Korean BBQ is a beloved meal across Asia, and Hong Kongers definitely love this all-you-can-eat feast. Whether it is sizzling pork chops or juicy beef strips or marinated seafood, you will fall in love with the aromas, textures and of course, tastes! You usually have the option to cook your own meal which is a fun experience with friends and family. And we can’t forget the best part,  complimentary banchans (a.k.a. side dishes) such as kimchi, namul or our favourite, japchae!

Running燒 — Mong Kok

interior of running燒 hong kong
Spacious seating at Running BBQ (© Running燒)

With locations across Hong Kong, this one is a local favourite. Pronounced Running siu, the shortened Cantonese phrase for BBQ, the name is inspired by the hit K-drama Running Man, and you will definitely need to go for a run to digest the food after this feast! Their fried spicy chicken is very highly rated, although you can’t go wrong with the other meats or fresh seafood either. While drinks are not included in the menu, you can order your own, and you even get an ice cream at the end. Also, secret tip – if you leave early or come late you can get extra discounts.

Price Range: $$
Signature Dish To Try: Fried spicy chicken, Grilled Seafood
Location: 9/F, 726 Nathan Road, Mong Kok
Contact: Facebook | +852 2506 0380

Pyeong Chang BBQ — Mong Kok

grilling table at pyeong chang bbq
Ready to dive in (© Pyeong Chang BBQ)

Another unbeatable spot for value for money is Pyeong Chang BBQ. It is constantly busy, and we know why. All-you-can-eat and drink KBBQ for two hours for under $200! They have three different tiers, but even the most basic is incredible. The other tiers include Luxury Buffet ($258 per adult) and Premium Buffet ($358 per adult) They have a variety of over 50 marinades of meats, noodles, seafood, soup hotpot, kimchi pancake, all the Korean delicacies you can imagine. Their pork belly and scallops are exceptional. Plus, with beer included in all the packages, you are definitely going to have a blast!

Price Range: $$
Signature Dish To Try: Grilled Scallops with Cheese, Special Beef Platter, Korean Stir-Fried Glass Noodles
Location: 13/F, CTMA Centre, 1N Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mong Kok
Contact: Facebook | +852 2612 1682

OPPA Korean Restaurant — Mong Kok, Tai Po

octopus at oppa korean restaurant hk
Baby octopus ready to meet the grill (© OPPA Korean Restaurant)

For a true feel of Seoul, you have to head to OPPA Korean, which has branches in both Mong Kok and Tai Po. Their décor is funky with graffiti on the walls and fun seating. And the food, of course, is also incredible. We highly recommend the A4 Wagyu beef and baby octopus, they are truly delightful. The kimchi egg frying on the side is also quite a favourite, although it is not free to refill. It is also important to highlight the impeccable service. Personal service is not a given at Korean BBQ restaurants, as diners usually cook their own meat. But at OPPA, you will find some of the most attentive and helpful servers who help you cook your meat, and make it an unforgettable experience.

Price Range: $$
Signature Dish To Try: A4 Wagyu Beef, Kimchi Egg, Grilled Squid
Location:  Mong Kok: G/F, Kin Wong Mansion, 117 Sai Yee St | +852 2381 2193 or Tai Po: Shop B2, G/F, Mei Sun Building, 4-20 Kau Hui Chik St | +852 3565 5032
Contact: Instagram | Facebook 

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JEJU BULGOGI — North Point, Kowloon Bay

grilling meat at kbbq
Grilling meat (© The Creativv via Unsplash)

For KBBQ with a seaview, check out Jeju Bulgogi at North Point. They also have another location in Kowloon Bay, and with cosy booths, authentic food and reasonable prices, you absolutely have to try this spot out. It is one of the only places in Hong Kong that does Hanwoo beef, a rare Korean beef product that falls between a Wagyu and USDA prime. So do give their Hanwoo premium beef, which is priced at HK$298 and has several cuts, a try! Their kimchi and other banchan are also delicious and they are not stingy in refilling them for you, which we are sure you will want to do.

Price Range: $$$
Signature Dish To Try: Hanwoo Beef, Gingseng Chicken Soup, Potato Pork Ribs Soup
Location:  North Point: Shop 210, 2/F, Harbour North Phase 2, 123 Java Rd | +852 2257 9121 or Kowloon Bay: Shop S1, Foodeli, Shop 501B, 5/F, Telford Plaza II, 33 Wai Yip St | +852 3170 1438
Contact: Instagram | Facebook 

MeokBang Korean BBQ & Barmultiple locations

platter full of different cuts of beef from meokbang korean bbq
Assorted beef platter (© Meokbang Korean BBQ & Bar)

Named after the Korean slang ‘meokbang’ (written as ‘炑八’ in Hanja or ‘먹벙’ in Hangul) which refers to the eating broadcasts popularized by Korean streamers in the early 2010s, this chain of KBBQ offers a delicious experience. With over 15 branches, you are sure to find one near you, although the most popular one is in Prince Edward. In addition to the scrumptious meats and seafood, you also get egg, corn, cheese, and kimchi cooked on the side of the barbecue plate, which just adds to the overall experience.

Price Range: $$
Signature Dish To Try:  Thick-cut Pork Belly, Premium Beef Ribs, Cheese Lava Rice
Multiple locations: Mong Kok, Tsuen Wan, Sha Tin, Wan Chai, and more.
Contact: Website | Instagram | Facebook | +852 2725 5718

Korean Inn Restaurant — Tsim Sha Tsui, North Point

overhead shot of raw meat at korean inn restaurant hong kong
Fine cuts at Korean Inn (© Korean Inn Restaurant)

Another conveniently located KBBQ spot, with branches in TST and North Point, is Korean Inn Restaurant. Along with their wide variety of barbecue meats and seafood (over 70 options!) they also serve other traditional dishes. Their ginseng soup and Korean dumplings were particularly good. Other must-try items include the egg-wrapped fish fillet and the short ribs, and you can even upgrade for just HK$30 per person to include Kumamoto Japanese beef and King scallops. Drinks are self-service and even include wine! This is another restaurant on our list that is truly a bang for your buck!

Price Range: $$
Signature Dish To Try: Braised Beef Ribs, Kumamoto Japanese Beef, King Scallops
Location:  Tsim Sha Tsui: LG/F, 46-48 Kimberley Rd | +852 2368 9409 or North Point: 1/F, Ming Fai Building, 20-36 Wharf Rd | +852 2566 0706
Contact: Instagram | Facebook | +852 2792 9966

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Lab 10 — Mong Kok

marbled beef from lab 10 hong kong
The quality is in the marbling at Lab 10 (© Lab 10)

Known for their assorted beef platter which includes seven Korean beef cuts, including ox tongue, angus sirloin, skirt meat, short ribs and chuck, Lab 10 is a must-visit. The restaurant has a minimalist, trendy design with lab elements that make it a truly special eating experience. Their stove is also designed to minimize smoke, and reduce the BBQ smell that can tell a person what you’ve been eating from a mile away. To drink down your menu, you can order from their juice bar where they serve a variety of juice combinations and smoothies, including ‘The Flash’ and ‘Coco’ which are available by the glass or jar.

Price Range: $$
Signature Dish To Try: Premium Korean Beef Platter, Seafood Platter, Shrimp Toast, Eel Fried Rice on Cast Iron
Location:  Lab 10, Shop 26, 10/F, Langham Place, 8 Argyle St, Mong Kok | +852 2478 6388
Contact: Instagram | +852 2792 9966

Hancham Korean BBQ Restaurant — 2 locations in TST

meat and seafood grilling at hancham kbbq restaurant
Variety is the name of the game at Hancham (© Hancham Korean BBQ)

A little on the expensive side, although the lunch set is a great deal, Hancham offers a wide range of deluxe meats and seafood to satisfy your barbecue craving. Some of the specials include 80-day dry aged beef, spicy crab soup and par-cooked squid. Their kimchi stew is also really nice, perfectly paired with a fresh warm bowl of rice, a real cosy dish that we can never get enough of! And finally, their signature assorted 8-colour pork belly platter is a must try. Pre-cut to enable easy cooking and juicier marination, and with flavours ranging from spicy kimchi to teriyaki to ginseng. Don’t miss this one!

Price Range: $$
Signature Dish To Try: 8-colour Pork Belly Platter, 90 days Dry-aged Ribeye, Marinated Soy Sauce Crab, Hancham Galbi (Marinated Beef Short Rib), Cold Noodles
Location:  Tsim Sha Tsui 1: Shop 43, UG/F, Empire Centre, 68 Mody Rd | +852 2511 6316 or Tsim Sha Tsui 2: 1/F, Winfield Commercial Building, 6-8A Prat Ave | +852 3105 2301
Contact: Instagram | Facebook 

Captain Japanese & Korean Restaurant multiple locations

meat options at buffet at captain japanese and korean restaurant
Big eaters need to visit the buffet at Captain BBQ (© Captain Japanese & Korean Restaurant)

You know what is better than Korean BBQ? Combining Japanese and Korean flavours in your delicious meats! This is what makes Captain Japanese & Korean Restaurant one of our favourites. The buffet selections are endless, with dozens of kinds of meat, including the basics, chicken, beef and pork but also squid tentacles and salmon sashimi! If you get bored of barbecue, you can always head over to fill up on the side dishes at the buffet or even opt for Japanese style hotpot. To add a cherry on top, they have free-flow drinks including plum wine, sake and beer. This is truly the perfect spot to go with a large group of friends.

Price Range: $$
Signature Dish To Try: Sashimi, Grilled Meat
Multiple Locations: Yuen Long, Kwun Tong, Tai Po, and more
Contact: Instagram | Facebook | +852 2792 9966

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Jin Luo Bao Korean Restaurant — Causeway Bay

exterior of jin luo bao korean bbq restaurant
Exterior of Jin Luo Bao (© Jin Luo Bao)

A great lunch time option for those working in Causeway Bay, Jin Luo Bao has a large seating area, efficient service and delicious food – it will brighten your day! Some of the top favourite foods include the beef stew, seafood pancake or even bibimbap. While it is not all-you-can-eat, they have a number of great barbecue sets, with assorted meats and veggies to choose from. The marinated beef short ribs and pork belly are particularly great options. And to top it all off, you get a free scoop of the ice cream of the day.

Price Range: $
Signature Dish To Try: Beef Stew, Seafood Pancake, Bibimbap
Location:  Jin Luo Bao Korean Restaurant, 6/F, Island Beverley, 1 Great George St, Causeway Bay
Contact: Facebook | +852 2895 3986

Arirang Korean Restaurant — Wan Chai

New way to experience steak – M9 Wagyu Beef (©Korean Restaurant)

In the heart of Hong Kong, the timeless charm of Arirang Korean Restaurant is an icon since 1964. Pioneers of Korean BBQ, they introduce the smokeless barbecue tables in 1983. A haven for beef lovers where you can find high-quality M9 Wagyu Beef (HK$750), Prime Outside Skirt (HK$260), and Double Size Short Ribs (HK380), . The enticing sizzling experience, where warmth and flavor unite, is unparalleled. Paired with kimchi, pickled goods, and other Korean complimentary sides, Arirang is where tradition meets taste.

Price Range: $$
Signature Dish To Try: M9 Wagyu Beef, Ginseng Chicken Soup, Prime Outside Skirt, Korean-style Fried Glass Noodles
Location:  3/F, W Square, 314-324 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai
Contact: Instagram | Facebook | +852 2895 3986

The Charcoal Room — Multiple Locations

charcoal room
Grill Australian Octopus and dip it in Korean sauce (©The Charcoal Room)

At The Charcoal Room, they have set the bar high for Korean barbecue in Hong Kong. They are not just grilling but crafting an experience. Using top-notch charcoal grilling instead of teppanyaki, they ensure each bite is a burst of flavour. The Iberico Pork Platter (HK$258) is a marinated masterpiece of porky goodness – shoulder, belly, skin, and intestines – a symphony of tastes. Immerse yourself in the tender, juicy world of Iberico pork, enhanced by the smoky essence of charcoal.

Price Range: $$
Signature Dish To Try: Australian Octopus, Grilled Lobster, Iberico Pork Platter
Location:  Mong Kok: Shop 501, 5/F, T.O.P This is Our Place, 700 Nathan Road, Mong Kok | +852 2619 0868 or Shop 301, 3/F, Island Beverley, 1 Great George Street | +852 23209993
Contact: Instagram | Facebook 


Grass-fed Black Angus Chuck Tail Flap (©UNCLE SIUUUUU!)

Meet your Korean taste buds at UNCLE SIUUUUU! Newly opened and buzzing with amazing reviews on OpenRice, it caters to meat lovers seeking an authentic Korean BBQ experience. Some ingredients are imported from Korea, including Gyeongju beef and Jeju pork. At lunch, indulge in Korean BBQ starting from just HK$168 with an array of choices, such as Australian grain-fed Angus beef tendon, American Angus shoulder blade, Korean beef, and thin-cut beef shank.

Price Range: $$
Signature Dish To Try: Gyeongju Beef, Gyeongju Pork , Soy Sauce Crab, Soy Sauce Shrimp, Korean Braised Beef Rib Rice
Location: 5/F, Yau Shing Commercial Centre, 51 Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mong Kok
Contact: Instagram | +852 5239 5677

Header image credits: OPPA Korean Restaurant

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