Hong Kong, a bustling metropolis renowned for its vibrant wet markets and a deep-rooted love for Cantonese-style seafood cuisine. Hong Kongers display their affection for seafood, consuming an impressive 72kg of seafood on average yearly, marking it as the second-highest consumption in Asia.

With an abundance of seafood restaurants to choose from, finding the ideal dining spot can be a bit tricky. This is why we’ve thoughtfully curated a list of Hong Kong’s top seafood restaurants, ensuring an authentic and diverse dining experience for all. Whether you’re a local seeking the freshest catches or a traveler in search of a special seafood adventure, our selection caters to every palate. So, let’s dive into a seafood feast!

Dragon Inn Seafood Restaurant 容龍海鮮酒家 — Tuen Mun

Garden view at Dragon Inn Seafood Restaurant (© Dragon Inn Seafood Restaurant)

Nestled on the scenic Castle Peak Road, Dragon Inn is a classic Michelin-starred Chinese eatery. Known for its rich history and authentic Cantonese seafood, it’s a must-visit for seafood lovers. Conveniently located near Castle Peak Seafood Street, you can personally select your seafood or opt for their fresh catch. Be sure to savor their signature Baked Lobster with Butter and Cheese priced at HK$360, it is a cheesy delight that’s both crispy and meaty.

Price Range: $$$
Signature Dish To Try: Baked Lobster with Butter and Cheese, Steamed Glutinous Rice with Gross Crab and Minced Garlic, Braised Whelks with Chinese Wine
Location: Castle Peak Bay, Castle Peak Road, No. 12, Tsing Ha Lane, Tuen Mun
Contact: Website | Facebook | +852 2450 6366

Gateway Cuisine 南大門 — Lei Yue Mun

Gateway Cuisine
Gateway Cuisine is surrounded by the superb views of Victoria Harbor (© Gateway Cuisine)

Since 1995, Gateway Cuisine has been a seafood haven by the Lei Yue Mun Lighthouse in Kowloon, nestled by the east side of Victoria Harbour. Renowned for its top-quality seafood, the Salt and Pepper Mantis Shrimp (HK$288) and Steamed Grouper Fish (HK$358) are highly rated. With the 270-degree sea view, it makes the perfect spot to relish Hong Kong’s unique scenery while savoring delicious seafood and fine wines at reasonable prices.

Price Range: $$$
Signature Dish To Try: Soy Sauce Brasied Prawn, Steamed Grouper Fish, Salt and Pepper Mantis Shrimp
Location: G/F, 58A Praya Road Central, Lei Yue Mun
Contact: Website | Facebook | +852 2727 4628

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Loaf On 六福菜館 — Sai Kung

Loaf On
Enjoy Loaf On’s best seafood dishes, from lobster sashimi to heaty seafood soup. (© Loaf On)

Leaf On in Sai Kung is an iconic seafood hotspot, where you can bring your fresh catch for a chef-curated dining experience. Be sure to try their pre-order-only Chili Pepper Crispy Skin Chicken for a twist on refined Cantonese cuisine. And while you’re there, remember to try the irresistible Crispy Fried Tofu (HK$48), a perfect balance of crispy and tender, and the seasonal Salt and Pepper Razor Clam for an extra juicy treat. It is certainly a great spot for a family gathering.

Price Range: $$$
Signature Dish To Try: Salt and Pepper Razor Clam, Crispy Fried Tofu, Chili Pepper Crispy Skin Chicken
Location: G/F, 49 See Cheung Street, Sai Kung
Contact: Instagram | Facebook | +852 2792 9966

Steam Sweet Seafood 鍋心八鮮蒸鍋 — Mong Kok

steam Sweet Seafood
A great selection of seafood and vegetable of your choice (© Steam Sweet Seafood)

Steam Sweet Seafood is all about personalization, making it a standout dining experience. Choose your seafood flavor pairings – the recommended ones are Abalone, Crab, Shrimp, and Lobster. For an authentic Cantonese experience, indulge in the savory Eight-Treasure Sticky Rice (八寶飯), where you can pick your own toppings from a variety of over 20 options. Seafood sets start at just HK$228, with a selection of over 10 different seafood choices.

Price Range: $
Signature Dish To Try: Steamed Abalone, Steamed Crab, Eight-Treasure Rice
Location: G207-209, Fa Yuen St, Yee Fung Building, Mong Kok
Contact: Instagram | Facebook | +852 2792 9966

Ming Kee Seafood Restaurant 明記海鮮酒家 — Po Toi Island

ming kee seafood
From shrimps, squid, abalone to scallops, all prepared in Cantonese-style. (© hkfoodie Jo)

Ming Kee Seafood Restaurant, nestled on picturesque Po Toi Island, is the perfect place to unwind after a long island hike. Enjoy a bottle of cold Tsing Tao beer along with local fresh catch; while it might be slightly pricier than in the city, it’s reasonable for island dining. Stir-fried Abalone with Ginger and Scallion, the Crispy Salt and Pepper Fried Squid, and the Steamed Shrimps are popular choices. Seafood sets start at just HK$190 per person. A seafood adventure awaits on Po Toi Island!

Price Range: $$
Signature Dish To Try: Stir-fried Abalone with Ginger and Scallion, Crispy Salt and Pepper Fried Squid
Location: Tai Wan, Po Toi Island
Contact: +852 2849 7038

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Rainbow Seafood Restaurant 南丫天虹海鮮酒家 — Lamma Island

rainbow seafood restaurant
Cantonese-style Salt and Pepper Mantis Shrimp with chili on top (© Rainbow Seafood Restaurant)

Rainbow Seafood Restaurant, serving Hong Kong since 1984, offers a unique dining experience accessible only by private boat. Signature dishes include Spicy Prawns in Dual Style, Fried Lobster with Butter Sauce, and Fried Squilla with Salt & Pepper. You get a free boat ride from central, Tsim Sha Tsui, or Cyberport for added convenience. Seafood sets start at HK$399.

Price Range: $$$
Signature Dish To Try: Spicy Prawns in Dual Style, Fried Loster with Butter Sauce, Fried Squilla with Salt & Pepper
Location: G/F, 23-27 First Street, Sok Kwu Wan, Lamma Island
Contact: Website | Instagram | Facebook | +852 2792 9966

Sea King Garden Restaurant 海皇園林 — Lei Yue Mun

sea king seafood
All the freshest catch you can hunt at Lei Yue Mun. (©Sandra Kwong)

The Sea King Garden Restaurant is nestled at the heart of Hong Kong’s seafood mecca, Lei Yue Mun! As you stroll down the dynamic seafood streets, take the chance to pick your own fresh seafood at Mui Kee before arriving here. For the ultimate eatery experience, savor their signature Deep Fried Crispy Chicken alongside Baked Mud Crab. The attentive service and the warm atmosphere make this restaurant a standout seafood gem in Hong Kong.

Price Range: $$
Signature Dish To Try: Deep Fried Crispy Chicken, Baked Mud Crab, Sweet and Sour Pork, Lobster Sashimi
Location: G/F, 39 Lei Yue Mun Praya Road Central, Lei Yue Mun
Contact: +852 2348 1408

818 THE SEAFOOD — Tsim Sha Tsui

818 the Seafood
Finest Hairy Crabs, South African Kippin Abalone, Sauteed Venus Clams, and more. (© 818 the Seafood)

818 The Seafood, where experienced chefs ensure each bite is perfect. Nestled in Harbor City, this restaurant boasts unparalleled sea and Victoria Harbor views, creating an absolutely comfortable dining experience. In this autumn crab feast, they showcased handpicked Hairy Crabs from Jiangsu. Indulge in the exquisite sweetness of creamy crab roe and succulent crab meat, all for just HK$128 per crab.

Price Range: $$$
Signature Dish To Try: Hairy Crabs, South African Kippin Abalone, Sauteed Venus Clams
Location: Shop 4101, 4/F, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City, 3-27 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Contact: Instagram | +852 3618 8168

Sing Kee Seafood Restaurant 勝記海鮮酒家 — Sai Kung

sing kee seafood
Sing Kee Seafood Restaurant is situated at Sai Kung Harbor, boasting an amazing sea view. (©Sing Kee Seafood Restaurant)

Sing Kee Seafood Restaurant – Sai Kung’s sole Michelin-starred eatery for four consecutive years. Try the catch of the day in Cantonese-style, the Crispy Salt and Pepper Squid and Stir-fried Mantis Shrimp with Dry Spicy and Garlic are perfectly spiced gems. The plump shrimp is exceptionally meaty and bursting with goodness. The two-person seafood set starts at HK$1090, a perfect way to explore the unique taste of Sai Kung. Come savor the flavors and experience our exceptional dining for yourself.

Price Range: $$$
Signature Dish To Try: Salt and Pepper Abalone, Deep Fried Tofu, Salt and Pepper Mantis Shrimp
Location: G/F, 33-39 Sai Kung Tai Street, Sai Kung
Contact: Website | Facebook | +852 2791 9887

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Tsing Shan Wan Seafood Restaurant 青山灣漁港 — Tuen Mun

Tsing Shan Wan Seafood Restaurant
Located in Sam Shing Commercial Centre. (©Tsing Shan Wan Seafood Restaurant)

Tsing Shan Wan Seafood Restaurant is a beloved dining spot known for its affordable seafood processing fee and unbeatable quality. The signature Crispy Abalone wrapped by a thin, crispy batter that enhances the soft, chewy texture and unique taste. For more seafood delights, try the Cheese-stuffed Shan Wan Prawns, where rich cheese and butter perfectly complement the prawns’ umami. You can even enjoy them with the shell for a multi-layered flavor. Finish up your meal with the handmade Black Sesame Roll (HK$40), a smooth, fragrant sesame flavor with just the right amount of sweetness and texture.

Price Range: $$
Signature Dish To Try: Deep-fried Crispy Abalone, Cheese-stuffed Shan Wan Prawns, Black Sesame Roll
Location: Shop 2B, 2/F, Sam Shing Commercial Centre, 6 Sam Shing Street, Tuen Mun
Contact: Website | +852 2997 1338

Under Bridge Spicy Crab 橋底辣蟹 — Wan Chai

Indulge in delicious crabs and clams prepared in various mouthwatering styles. (©Tom indo ©William Amedeo Chong)

Under Bridge Spicy Crab is renowned for its flavorful spicy crab dishes. The standout item is the Under Bridge Spicy Crab (HK$480), which is stir-fried to perfection with garlic, chili, and spices, offering a delightful balance of heat and umami flavors. For a milder option, you can try the Black Pepper Crab (HK$480) or the Stir-fried Crab with Ginger and Scallion (HK$480). All of our crab dishes allow you to customize the spice level and portion size (Small: HK$480, Large: HK$980).

Price Range: $$$
Signature Dish To Try: Under Bridge Spicy Crab, Stir-fried Clam with Black Bean Sauce, Salt and Pepper Fried Squid
Location: G/F & 1/F, Golden Jubilee House, 391 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay
Contact: Facebook | +852 2893 1289

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