As part of the Hello Hong Kong campaign, the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) and Cathay Pacific have announced an exciting giveaway for Hongkongers to win free air tickets to various overseas destinations. The campaign apply to travellers from the Greater Bay Area, flying out from Hong Kong International Airport.

The promotion aim at giving away over 27,000 tickets for flights from Hong Kong to 26 different countries, with a total of 46 destination cities. The lucky draw activity will take place from April 24 at 10AM until April 30.

To participate, travellers must be members of Cathay Pacific’s loyalty program, and they are encouraged to prepare their membership account before entering the lucky draw. Non-members are also invited to register as Cathay Pacific members to take part in this exciting opportunity.

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The free air tickets do not include taxes and surcharges, which are subject to terms and conditions. However, this promotion presents a unique opportunity for travellers to explore the world for free, with flights to a wide range of overseas destinations on offer. Click here to get a chance to win a free ticket. Winners will be notified by email on May 3, 2023. At the moment, the page to register is only in Chinese.

Note : The link to Cathay Pacific’s campaign page is in Chinese due to the unavailability of an English version at the moment, despite the campaign being open to Hong Kong residents. The HK HUB verified with Cathay prior to publishing the article, the airline confirmed that the page is only available in Chinese.

As part of the Hello Hong Kong initiative, Cathay Pacific has recently launched a new giveaway of 83,000 air tickets exclusively for Mainland Chinese travellers. This follows the announcement by the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) in Shanghai last week, where they revealed the giveaway of 140,000 free flight tickets to Mainland Chinese travellers.

In May, free airplane tickets will be organised for Northeast Asia countries (Japan and South Korea) and other regions. To stay updated, read our guide on the Hello Hong Kong campaign, which lists all the giveaways.

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