Following the announcement earlier this week regarding the giveaway of 3260 tickets from London and Manchester to Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific is also organising a similar giveaway, starting from May 9, for Germany and Switzerland, respectively from Frankfurt (900 tickets) and Zurich (380 tickets). A total of 1280 tickets will be available for travellers.

Hello Hong Kong is a promotional campaign launched by the Hong Kong government to revive the tourism industry. The campaign includes the World of Winners initiative, which aims at offering over 500,000 free airline tickets to and from Hong Kong, between March and September 2023. Travellers only pay for taxes, surcharges, and fees. The goal is to attract visitors and showcase Hong Kong’s culture, food, and attractions, while giving a boost to the tourism industry that has been widely impacted by the stringent pandemic measures during 3 years.

How to participate

To participate in the giveaways and to get a chance to travel for free from Frankfurt or Zurich to the SAR, participants must be over 18, register as Cathay Pacific member and take a quiz, which will be available on Cathay’s website starting from May 9th.

Tickets will be given on a “First come, first served” policy: the first 900 participants (for Frankfurt) and the first 380 participants (for Zurich) to properly answer all the questions will be the lucky winners.

To participate, connect these pages on May 9: Germany via FrankfurtSwitzerland via Zurich.

Image header credit: Kisa_Markiza / Daniel_Keuck via Canva

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