Drink to your Personality with these Tailored Pours from Aqua

You can tell a lot about a person based on their drink and at Hong Kong's iconic penthouse bar, aqua spirit, you can find out about their personality.

2 May 2018 — By Melanie Grosjean / The HK HUB
personality pours at aqua

Let your personality inspire your cocktail and enjoy one best suited for your character. Created by aqua for those who need a little help picking their poison, Personality Pours is an off-menu cocktail concept which aims to lighten up and digitalize the whole process of ordering cocktails from the bar.

Visit the website to try the new digital experience for yourself right now!  Simply answer 8 simple and fun questions to find out your own Personality Pour. Then share the result to your Facebook page and head to aqua spirit to order up this cocktail and get a taste of their personality. The experience is available from now until 30 August.

The cocktails

cocktails from aqua's personality pour

Created by aqua’s award-winning mixologist, Simoné Rossi, the cocktails have been handcrafted for eight different personalities. The cocktails encapsulate different character themes through a clever blend of colour, ingredients, mixing styles and presentation.

Drink options come with light-hearted names like The Trendsetter, The Empress and The Rebel.  Mine was The Realist which does sound about right… either way I’m keen to try it out!

Personality Pour Highlights

The Visionary cocktail from aqua Hong Kong

Made for the determined and strong minded individual, The Visionary is a blend of Tanqueray No. TEN gin with fresh lemon, yuzu and raspberries and a touch of absinthe mixed with egg white. This Personality Pour brings the vision to the drinker, with a colorful illustration adorning the cocktail.

The Trendsetter cocktail from Aqua Hong Kong

A cocktail for the leader of the pack, The Trendsetter is a combination of lively Zacapa 23 Rum, Visciolata del Cardinale cherry wine and apricot Liquer mingled with fresh passion fruit and lime juice, a vibrant crimson colored cocktail that only the fashionable can pull off with style.

The Empress Cocktail from aqua Hong Kong

For the ruler in our lives, The Empress is always dressed to impress with a zest for life that can be found in the Japanese yuzu, rhubarb and lime juice blended with a cool, yet assertive mix of Tanqueray No. TEN gin, pineapple juice and ginger ale for a classy libation fit for a queen.

The Rebel cocktail from aqua Hong Kong

The Rebel is a cocktail that stands up for itself; a confident concoction of Tanqueray No. TEN gin, bergamot liqueur shaken with coconut and lime juice with egg white. Bold and unpredictable, this cocktail is also presented with a streak of charcoal powder that adds an unexpected and striking color to the drink.

Booking Information

aqua spirit
30/F, One Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 3427 2288


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