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The environmental impact of the gaming industry has always been a concern to many. The massive data centers and the e-waste generated by discarded electronics contribute significantly to the industry’s environmental footprint. We’re caught in this bind: enjoying our digital adventures, yet wanting to do our part for the planet.

Can we have our cake and eat it too? Balancing both without compromise seemed like a fantasy. To address this issue, Everyworld has recently launched its Web3 rewarded ads platform, a watch-to-earn platform that aims to become the global advertising alternative to television and social media.

Everyworld was built by the Everyrealm team and is a unique space on Discord which merges the joy of blockchain gaming with a sincere push for environmental conservation. The concept is quite simple. Users just need to engage with curated video content, earn points, and then use those points for a chance to win cryptocurrency rewards.

But here’s the twist: these rewards aren’t solely for the winner. It uses a dual incentivisation approach to split the prize money equally, where half goes to the lucky winner and the other half is donated directly to a designated environmental cause. So far, the startup has made two contributions to The Ocean Cleanup, a global non-profit foundation dedicated to removing floating plastic from the oceans.

“Our vision is to build the world’s first decentralised ad network designed to benefit users and the planet equally,” said Janine Yorio, team lead of Everyworld.

Everyworld goes beyond passive video watching. It’s a vibrant Discord community where one can earn points through various activities. Invite friends, complete quests and tasks – all while building a standing within this dynamic ecosystem. And the chance to win cryptocurrency in the draw added another layer of excitement. Everyworld’s more than just entertainment. The mix of content, which varied from wildlife documentaries to green technology innovations, offers a refreshing change from the usual.

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With major investors such as A16Z Crypto, Hashed, Coinbase Ventures, Animoca Brands and Dragonfly, Everyworld is more than just an ambitious idea. It’s rather a well-funded and supported venture with the potential to make real-world impact.

In just over two weeks, more than 80,000 players from over 20 countries have joined the network. Over 500,000,000 points have been earned, with more than 3,000 videos watched per minute. Currently players contribute their points to regular drawings, resulting in a winner of one massive point jackpot, but in the future, these drawings will be paid out in $EVERY, the native token of Everyworld.

Join the Everyworld community on Twitter @JoinEveryworld for more updates.

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