Martial Arts

Flex Studio – Taekwondo

Guided by Master Lutheu Yeung, pre-schoolers will learn co-ordination, balance and discipline in this structured but fun Taekwondo course. If they clock up the hours of practise, they can eventually certify through the Hong Kong Tae Kwon Do Association.

Location: One Island South, Wong Chuk Hang, HK Island

Age: 3+

Korean Chueng Do Kwan

Korean TaeKwonDo Hong Kong

The Taekwondo classes here are all taught by World Taekwondo Federation Black Belt Korean Masters, with instruction in English alongside the use of Korean sports-specific vocab. For little ones, the focus is on the culture and etiquette of the martial art to help them gain an understanding of Taekwondo as a means for self-defence.

Location: Hong Kong University Station and Fortress Hill, HK Island

Age: 3+

Hong Kong School of Capoeira

Capoeira Hong Kong

Combining elements of dance, acrobatics, music and self-defence, these kids Capoeira classes are not only great fun, but also help develop coordination and self-confidence.

Location: Sheung Wan and Pok Fu Lam, HK Island and Discovery Bay, Lantau

Age: 3+

Heng Yue Yen Long Kwon

HYYLK Hong Kong

The toddler classes at this family-friendly specialist Martial Arts gym, help little ones learn the basics of Chinese Kung Fu in a safe environment, with an emphasis firmly on fun. If you fancy having a go, you can always join one of the family classes, which is open to 3 – 55 year olds!

Location: HYYLK branches in Wan Chai and Causeway Bay, HK Island and at ESF schools across HK Island, Kowloon and the New Territories.

Age: 3+ at HYYLK centres and 4+ at ESF schools


Multi-Sport Ltd

Multi-Sport Junior Sports Hong KOng

For thirty years now, Multi-Sport has been running its flagship Junior Sports programme which gives your little ones chance to try their hand at gymnastics, athletics and ball games. This makes it great option for adventurous toddlers who like to test out new activities and equipment.

Location: Jardine Campus, Lycée Français International and also Island School, Mid-Levels on Saturdays

Age: 3+


This multi-sport programme gives kids the chance to try their hand at soccer, basketball, rugby, hockey and tennis, with a major emphasis on fun.

Location: Various venues on HK Island

Age: 18-months +

Tiny Tots Mini-Sports

These classes focus on teaching the basics of soccer, basketball and rugby, using lots of games.

Location: Mid-Levels and Pok Fu Lam venues, HK Island

Age: 16 months +

ESF Sports – Sports Cubs

ESF Sports Cubs Hong Kong

The ESF Sports Cub programme introduces a variety of sports to young children, with the aim of developing basic sporting skills, such as catching, throwing and kicking, as well as helping them understand how to deal with both winning and losing – thus providing an excellent grounding for sporting achievement in the years to come.

Location: Various locations across HK Island, Kowloon and the New Territories

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Age: 2 +



Rugbees Hong Kong

This dedicated rugby programme is specifically tailored for toddlers and pre-schoolers. The structured sessions makes use of stories, music and creative play to introduce basic rugby skills through play.

Location: Various locations across HK Island, Kowloon and also in Discovery Bay

Age: Walking+

Sport4Kids – Mini-Rugby

Sport4kids rugby Hong Kong

Skill development and fostering teamwork are the main aims of this mini-rugby programme. Sport4Kids also offer rugby coaching for the U4′s at Mini-Rugby Clubs, and have a strong working relationship with Valley Fort Rugby Club, the biggest mini-rugby club in Hong Kong.

Location: Various locations on HK Island

Age: 18 months +


Checker In-line Skating School

Checker skating Hong Kong

If your pre-schooler enjoys moving at speed, they may enjoy strapping on some wheels and trying their hand at this in-line skating course. Here, the focus for beginners is to master the 10 foundation skills essential for safe and effective skating, before moving on to develop speed skating skills, and eventually racing technique. Instruction is mainly in Cantonese, but can be supplemented in English when necessary. Students wear helmets and protective pads throughout the lessons, which are available to borrow for free. Skates can also be rented at a cost of HKD$30 a lesson, or you can buy all you need at the school.

Location: Tai Koo, HK Island

Age: 3+

The Rink

If your little one prefers the idea of gliding about, they may enjoy taking part in the 30-minute figure skating classes which are on offer at the ice-rink in Elements Mall. You have the option to either ‘walk-in’ on the day for an impromptu lesson, or for more serious skaters, you can sign up for a package of 5 classes. Again, skates are available to hire at the venue and instruction is available in English and Cantonese.

Location: Elements, Kowloon

Age: 3+



Kinderkicks Football Hong Kong

The coaches here teach soccer skills through the use of lots of games and activities, and there is ample opportunity for some running about too. Some specific classes also help teach some Putonghua words and phrases.

Location: Various locations across HK Island, Kowloon and the New Territories

Age: Walking +

Sport4Kids – Mini-football

Sports4Kids - Multi sports Hong Kong

Sport4kids, in addition to its other fun programmes, has popular mini-football classes on offer. Children start by practising kicking, catching and throwing, and progress to dribbling and passing the ball, hopefully scoring some goals along the way too!

Location: Various locations across Hong Kong Island and Kowloon

Age: 18 months +

TinyTots Soccer

Here boys and girls are introduced to soccer through play, as they are helped to develop both physical skill and confidence.

Location: Various locations across HK Island and also in Discovery Bay

Age: 18 months +


Harry Wright International Limited

Harry Wright Hong Kong

Harry Wright International has been in the business of teaching little ones to swim since 1975, and their popular Infant Aquatic Programme caters for children from 4 months to 4 years old. The course begins with teaching parents how to submerge and release their babies safely and happily, and how to introduce the basics of kick and pull. Children are encouraged to ‘go at their own pace’, and therefore should feel relaxed and confidence in the water. Classes are held in both indoor and outdoor pools, depending on the venue.

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Location: Various locations on HK Island, Kellett School in Kowloon, and Discovery Bay

Age: 4 months +

Multi-Sport Ltd – Learn to Swim

Multi-Sport swimming Hong Kong

Multi-Sport’s Learn to Swim Programme focuses on developing toddler’s water confidence through lots of fun activities in a heated indoor pool. Pre-schoolers are then encouraged to gain further independence and aquatic skills.

Location: Jardine Campus, Lycée Français International, Hong Kong Island

Age: 18 months +

ESF Sport – Swimming

All the classes here take place in heated indoor pools, led by coaches that have undergone rigorous training methods used in Australia, the USA and the UK. The 30-minute toddler classes aims to instil water confidence for both parent and child, whereas the classes for older children begin to teach basic water skills, such as breath control and submersion.

Location: Hong Kong Island, New Territories and Discovery Bay

Age: 4 months +

Splash Swimming – Aqua Baby

A real draw here is the lovely, indoor heated pool, as well as the gentle, child-centred approach of the coaches. Little ones are encouraged to enjoy the water and develop swimming skills, through the use of games, toys and songs.

Location: Parkview, Tai Tam, HK Island

Age: 4 months +

Sport4kids – Swimming

Sport4Kids’ swimming program is based on teaching through the medium of games and activities, in addition to traditional methods, and following the AUSTSWIM accreditation system.

Location: Discovery Bay and Mui Wo, Lantau

Age: 6 months +


Hong Kong International Tennis Academy

Monster Tennis HKITA

The well respected ‘Kids Monster Tennis’ programme introduces the game to its littlest players through the use of specialist equipment and shorten court dimensions, which cater to the child’s age and size. During these 50 minute sessions, children are taught the basics of hand-eye coordination, ball tracking and movement, and parents are encouraged to put down those strawberries and cream and join in the fun.

Location: Various locations across HK Island, Kowloon and the New Territories

Age: 2+

Multi-Sport Ltd – Mini Tennis

Multi-Sport Tennis Hong Kong

The folk at Multi-Sport not only aim to help your pre-schooler develop great tennis skills but also cultivate graceful court etiquette – so hopefully there will be no John McEnroe-style tantrums here! To ensure all players get the most out of the lessons, a lot of time is spent on improving hand-eye coordination. In addition to this, age-appropriate equipment is used and classes are kept small.

Location: Jardine Campus, Lycée Français International, Hong Kong Island

Age: 3+

Hong Kong Parkview – Tiny Tots and Tiger Tennis

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Tennis skills are introduced here to children from 18-months upwards, again through the use of specialist equipment and lots of hand-eye coordination practice and fun.

Location: Parkview, Tai Tam, HK Island

Age: 18 months +


Children’s yoga with Storytelling

Alison Yu Yoga

Highly experienced early years teacher, Alison Yu runs theme-based yoga designed specifically for little people (and their caregivers). Groups can explore simple yoga poses, breathing exercises, creative games and songs, while experiencing age-appropriate reading materials under the guidance of qualified teachers. When added to yoga flows, stories can be valuable in helping young ones to visualise and recall poses, at the same time increasing their concentration and appreciation of literacy.

The program includes exercises to enhance strength, flexibility, coordination and focus, and grown-ups will find many ideas that can easily be repeated at home.

Location: Classes are run at a variety of locations across Hong Kong including clubhouses, parks, studios and schools.

Age: 18 months +

Little Yogis

Little Yogis Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s first and only child-dedicated yoga studio offers classes for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. The baby class focuses on developing body awareness and relaxation, whereas the toddler class introduces yoga with the use of imagination, storytelling and puppets. In the 3-10 year old’s class, yoga poses are introduced through games and stories and children also practice breathing exercises to help them relax and regulate their emotions.

Location: One Island South, Wong Chuk Hang, HK Island

Age: 3 months +

Discover Kids Yoga

Discover kids yoga is a space where children build self-confidence, increase focus, keep fit and have fun. Children are encouraged to explore yoga through yoga games, storytelling, and songs!

Using very few props, children learn to be mindful of their thoughts and develop awareness of their bodies, helping them to grow to be positive, calm, and confident personalities. Studio, private classes, Mommy & Me, and YogaABCS (Learn English & Yoga) are available.

Location: Central, Sheung Wan and Prince Edward

Age: 2+Discover yoga Hong Kong

Funzone Yoga

 Funzone yoga HOng Kong

The bright, noisy world of Funzone in Kennedy Town might not seem to be the obvious location for a yoga class, but here both toddlers and older kids can learn to develop their strength, balance and flexibility along with a sense of calm. And if they still have some energy left to burn after the class, they can stay and play in the playroom for free!

Location: Kennedy Town, HK Island

Age: 1 year +

And so, we hope that’s enough to keep your little tykes busy for now! Most of the classes listed do offer trail classes, so you and your toddler can always go along and check out the action before signing up for a term. Oh and if we’ve missed your child’s favourite sports class, do leave us a comment, we’d love to hear about it!

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