The Happy Moon Lantern Festival, which is being organised to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, will take place at Tung Chung Promenade from September 23-October 8. There will be a display of nearly 3,000 lanterns, the layout of which has been designed by veteran film director and contemporary artist William Kan.

There will also be lantern decorations featuring a “happy moon” and “twin rabbits” during the festival. The lanterns will be lit at 7pm on September 23, and will be lit up between 6.30pm-10pm every day of the event, except for September 29 and 30, when they will be lit until 11pm.

a collage showing two images. the image on the left shows a "twin rabbits" lantern display, and the image on the right shows a bamboo garden at the happy moon lantern festival.
The “twin rabbits” lantern display and the “bamboo garden” at the Happy Moon Lantern Festival (© GovHK)

The Tung Chung East Promenade will also host a series of activities, such as a hanfu experience, cultural performances, art workshops, lantern riddles, and booth games on Mid-Autumn Festival Day and the following day.

To know what other Mid-Autumn Festival events are happening around Hong Kong, read our guide here. To understand the symbolism behind the mooncakes made during the festival, click here.

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