Homelessness organization ImpactHK is urgently calling for meal voucher donations as their regular support service has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. After staff at their community centres where they provide free meals to vulnerable populations in Hong Kong tested Covid-positive, the support the centres provide was suddenly cut off. The group anticipates their kitchen services will be impacted again.

Staff members at a few of ImpactHK’s community centres, where they hand out meals to homeless individuals, tested positive last week. The centres closed briefly but reopened last Saturday.

The organization anticipates their kitchen and/or community centre services will be disrupted if more cases are detected or if there’s a lockdown during Compulsory Universal Testing.

For the safety of the individuals who depend on their meal service, they are distributing meal vouchers which can be redeemed anytime. These vouchers will benefit the 100 sheltered persons and the 475 unhoused persons whom ImpactHK regularly supports, who have either tested Covid-positive and require flexibility surrounding when and where to get their meals, or healthy individuals who are hesitant to go to the community centres.

How to help

volunteer gives food to homeless person

During regular service, ImpactHK prepares around 6,000 meals from their kitchen to around 100 shelter users, while the 475 people they serve during their Kindness Walks receive basic food items and water.

Here is exactly how you can help during this uncertain time. ImpactHK is aiming to collect enough vouchers for two meals a day for their 100 shelter users and one meal a day for the 475 individuals on the street.

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For one month of meals, this amounts to approximately 6,000 and 14,250 vouchers respectively.

Where to get meal vouchers

This list is for reference and is not exhaustive. You can purchase restaurant vouchers at the following restaurants:

  • Fairwood 大快活)
  • Cafe De Coral (大家樂)
  • 7 Eleven cash coupon (7-11便利店)
  • Maxims MX (美心快餐)
  • McDonald’s (麥當勞)
  • Tamjai Mixian (譚仔米線)
  • Tong Kee Bao Dim (唐記包點)

The following offer gift cards valid at all restaurants under their group:

Vouchers/gift cards can be mailed to ImpactHK, 5A, 5/F, Splendid Centre, 100 Larch Street, Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

You can also donate hand sanitizer and test kits or donate to ImpactHK directly – HK$100 helps to provide six meals.

Image credits: ImpactHK

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