Hong Kong Disneyland has introduced a new ticket type, and raised the prices of its one-day tickets and annual passes. The new ticket prices, which come into effect on September 20, apply only to child and adult visitors, while the cost of senior tickets will not change.

The park has rejigged its one-day ticket categorisation and now sells tickets according to four tiers, as opposed to the previous Regular, Peak Days, and Peak Days Plus categories. The new prices of these tickets mean that adults have to pay HK$20-HK$40 more for one-day admission rates.

The biggest change is the addition of a new one-day Tier 4 ticket priced at HK$879 for visitors aged 12-66 years old, and HK$659 for children, which can be used during days the park designates as its “most popular days and seasons”.

a collage showing two images of hong kong disneyland. the image on the left shows the dream makers statue with mickey mouse and walt disney. the image on the right shows the world of frozen.
Hong Kong Disneyland is gearing up for the unveiling of its Dream Makers statue (left) and opening of World of Frozen (right) (© Hong Kong Disneyland via Facebook)

While park authorities have not specified which days and seasons they will sell these tickets, a report in The Standard quotes a Hong Kong Disneyland spokesperson as saying, “Selected days that historically see high demand will be tiered as Tier 4 Days. The Tier 4 Days will start to kick in during the coming Christmas season.”

The spokesperson added that park authorities will decide which days they will sell Tier 4 tickets based on factors such as “historical data and forecast on guest attendance and the park’s operational needs”. 

However, Hong Kong residents can still buy one-day tickets at the old prices until November 15. In addition, the price of Tier 1 tickets, previously called Regular Days Tickets, will remain the same at HK$639 for adults and HK$475 for children. Guests with disabilities will still get 30% off on all one-day tickets.

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The new ticket prices will be:

  • Tier 2 tickets (formerly Peak Days tickets): HK$719 (adults), HK$539 (children)
  • Tier 3 Tickets (formerly Peak Plus Days tickets): HK$799 (adults), HK$599 (children)
  • Tier 4 Tickets: HK$879 (adults), HK$659 (children)

Hong Kong Disneyland will also increase the price of all its annual passes across the Silver, Gold and Platinum categories, except for senior citizen passes, to the following rates:

  • Silver: $1,468 (adult), HK$1,088 (child), HK$1,148 (student)
  • Gold: HK$2,558 (adult), HK$1,818 (child), HK$1,918 (student)
  • Platinum: HK$4,678 (adult), HK$3,368 (child), HK$3,558 (student)

The hike in ticket prices comes ahead of the Hong Kong Disneyland’s highly anticipated World of Frozen opening on November 20. The park recently kicked off its Halloween celebrations and plans to celebrate Disney’s 100th anniversary by unveiling the Dream Makers statue in mid-October.

Header image credits: CK Ng via Flickr

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