Hong Kong motorists who use the Western and Eastern Harbour Crossings must switch to the HKeToll system, which will allow them to use tunnels in the city without stopping to pay tolls, on August 6 and August 27 respectively.

Motorists will not be able to use the manual toll booths and Autotoll lanes on either of these tunnels from 5am onwards on both these days.

The HKeToll facility was implemented at the Cross-Harbour Tunnel on July 23. Vehicle owners had to install a vehicle tag, open an HKeToll account, and set up their automatic payment if they needed to use this tunnel.

In addition, new tolls on all the Victoria Harbour tunnels will come into effect on August 2. The Western Harbour Crossing toll will decrease to HK$60, and Eastern Harbour Crossing and Cross-Harbour Tunnel tolls will go up to HK$30 for private cars.

There will be a flat HK$25 rate for taxis on all cross-harbour tunnels. Passengers must pay both the outbound and return toll — a total of HK$50 — if they board a taxi from a non-cross harbour taxi stand.

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