Base taxi fares in Hong Kong could increase by up to 20% if the government approves an application recently submitted by the city’s taxi operators. According to a report in the South China Morning Post, the proposed increases will range from HK$4.5 to HK$5, and cover all three cabs — Urban (red), New Territories (green), and Lantau (blue) — for a minimum 2 km distance.

According to documents submitted to the Transport Department, taxi operators have asked that the flag fall charges on red taxis be increased to HK$32, up by 18.5% from the current HK$27. Minimum rates for green cabs may go from HK$23.5 to HK$28, an increase of 19.1%. Fares for blue taxis could be hiked to HK$26.5 from HK$22, amounting to a 20.5% increase.

Urban (red)HK$27HK$32
New Territories (green)HK$23.5HK$28
Lantau (blue)HK$22HK$26.5
Current and proposed fare increased for all Hong Kong taxis.

The proposal also covers incremental charges for all cabs, regardless of the distance. Currently, the city’s red taxis command the highest such charges, with passengers paying HK$1.9 every 200 metres or one minute of waiting time until the fare reaches HK$93.5. Green and blue taxi passengers are charged HK$1.7 until the fare touches HK$74.5 and HK$175 respectively.

The last time that cab rates in Hong Kong were increased was in July 2022. However, the city’s urban taxi operators applied for an additional HK$6 increase in base fares the following November, which was not approved.

Last year, three Hong Kong ferry operators applied for fare increases of up to 100%. However, the fares were only increased by a maximum of 19%, and came into effect in September 2023. In June, five of the city’s bus operators also hiked fares by up to 7%.

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