MTR Corporation will increase ticket prices by 2.3%. This is the first time since 2019 that Hong Kong’s sole railway operator will hike fares, but used it a new fare adjustment mechanism to ensure that up to 90% of passengers will have to pay no more than HK$0.4 more per trip for 2023-2024.

With these changes, the rail operator aims to “suitably balance the public’s affordability and the Corporation’s ability to continue to provide high quality, reliable and efficient railway services to Hong Kong passengers,” said Jeny Yeung, Hong Kong Transport Services Director, MTR Corporation. Authorities will work on the updated fare tables and will announce when they will come into effect later.

However, the corporation will increase interchange discounts on more than 500 routes for commuters on the Green Minibus, from HK$0.3 to HK$0.5, starting in the fourth quarter of 2023. In addition, senior citizens, children, eligible students and persons with disabilities will continue to get fare concessions.

The MTR fare hikes come after the government announced that it will introduce toll changes for the city’s three cross-harbour tunnels, from August 2. Later in the year, there will be rush-hour fares for private cars and motorcycles that use these tunnels from Monday to Saturday.

Header image credits: Deror Avi via WikiCommons

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