Government officials, including Financial Secretary Paul Chan, announced Cinema Day this Saturday, April 29 during which all regular movie tickets at 61 participating cinemas will cost only HK$30, while announcing the details of the “Happy Hong Kong” campaign at a press conference on Monday.

The newly announced Cinema Day will be the first event of “Happy Hong Kong”, aimed at encouraging consumer spending. First announced in February, the 10-month program had previously been delayed past its original kick-off on April 13.

government officials including financial secretary paul chan at
Financial Secretary Chan, second from left, at a Happy Hong Kong press conference on April 24 (© GovHK)

Cinemas struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic in Hong Kong due to long mandatory closures. In fact, theatres were closed for over 30% of the year (116 days) in 2021 alone. Multiple theatre locations closed during this time. Locally founded UA Cinemas, which opened its first cinema in Sha Tin in 1984, was liquidated in March 2021.

Where to get the HK$30 movie tickets

According to the Hong Kong Theatres Association, tickets will be available from all commercial theatres in Hong Kong both online and at theatre counters starting at 11am on April 27.

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All major cinema companies in the city, including Broadway Circuit, Emperor Cinemas, MCL Circuit, Newport Circuit, and more are participating. Tickets for all movie types — even special ones like 4DX, IMAX, and CGS Laser — will be priced at a flat HK$30. However, special programs and private screenings are not included in the promotion.

Individuals are limited to buying four tickets each in-person, while limits for online purchases are subject to each cinema’s own restrictions.

The discounted tickets are being sponsored by the Film Development Fund and CreateHK.

A detailed “Happy Hong Kong” events calendar, including the Harbour Chill Carnival which is set to have bands performing on a stage floating in Victoria Harbour in July and August, can be found on the newly launched official website.

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