Hongkongers can claim no more than HK$400 per month under the Public Transport Fare Subsidy Scheme, starting November 1. Octopus card holders in the city who spend more than HK$400 on transport each month will get one-third of their transport expenses back, but the rebate will be capped at HK$400.

Since May 2022, Hongkongers who use their Octopus cards to commute in the city have been able to claim a maximum of HK$500 per month on transport expenses exceeding HK$200 every month. These measures are in effect until October 31. The scheme was first implemented in 2019.

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Fares on several forms of public transport in Hong Kong have increased over the past year. Earlier in 2023, the MTR raised fares for the first time in four years, while ticket prices on Fortune Ferry, Hong Kong Kowloon Ferry and Sun Ferry also went up in September. 

In addition, five Hong Kong operators hiked prices over the summer, and the Star Ferry also raised fares and did away with free tickets for senior citizens.

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