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Christmas is only a few weeks away, Santa! We know you must be busy preparing your gifts for all the good kids (and adults… it hasn’t been an easy year), so thanks for chatting with us during your hot milk break. Here are some questions we’ve always wanted to ask you.

What do you do during the year to prepare for Christmas night?

Although a year might seem a long time for most on this planet, it’s only just enough time for me, my elves, and my reindeer to make sure everything is ready for the big journey (and to recover from the last one!). My main priority during the year is memorising which child lives where and what present they’re getting – if they’ve been good, that is. I’m also eternally grateful to my elves for helping me programme the GPS built into my sleigh. Now my reindeer and I hardly ever get lost – it’s especially tricky navigating all the tall buildings you have here in Hong Kong!

How did you and Mrs. Claus meet?

I actually have none other than our friend Noble Mr. Nutcracker to thank for this one. He invited me for a drink at his favorite speakeasy in his enchanted kingdom, which only turned out to be a guise for my very first blind date! Mr. Nutcracker here had seen young Mrs. Claus dancing in the Christmas ballet one evening (a ballet based off his own life, come to think of it), and knew I’d take a shine to her. So off he went backstage after the show to procure her number for me – and the rest is history.

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Do you use magic to make the toys?

Of course! My elves work their magic tirelessly to make sure all the children’s wishes are granted. You’ll find that all my toys and trinkets have a little extra Christmas sparkle and joy in comparison to the ones sitting on store shelves – just wait till you see what I’ve prepared for you at the Island Shangri-La!

What is one thing no one knows about you?

Probably a lesser-known fact about me is that I am a very competitive swimmer! You may think it gets too cold in the North Pole to properly swim, what with all the water freezing over and all that, but my trusty elves gave me a brilliant Christmas present of my very own one special year – a wonderful heated swimming pool! Since then, I make sure to jump in almost every day. I hope that I can make good use of the pool here at the Shangri-La so I don’t get rusty during my stay.

What special gifts have you brought to Island Shangri-la, Santa?

I’ve got plenty of exciting delights lined up for you all at the Christmas Market at Island Shangri-La this year. My personal favourite is the magical Nutcracker Snow Globe which makes me feel right at home with every shake of its glittering snow. There’s also the Gingerbread of the Hong Kong Skyline – it’s the most remarkable gingerbread that features famous Hong Kong landmarks – it almost looks too good to eat (but only almost). Of course, I can’t forget the delightful Christmas Crackers I’ve prepared which will definitely add excitement to any holiday party, or the Enchanted Wonders Mug I’ve been sipping my hot chocolate (and mulled wine) from since I’ve arrived here!

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Santa’s Christmas crackers and chocolate can be found at Island Shangri-La’s European festive market

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