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Kiztopia, Singapore’s mega-scale family entertainment centre, is bringing its hallmark bouncy castle event Jumptopia to Cotai Expo at Venetian Macao. From 22 July to 3 September, visitors can enjoy an exhilarating experience at the biggest Jumptopia-branded event in Hong Kong and Macau to date, spanning an impressive 40,000 square feet!

The “Little Gourmet Festival” carnival will take you on a global gourmet journey led by 8 unique Kiztopia cartoon characters in 9 giant bouncy castles, including an 6.5-meter-tall giant inflatable slide, colorful ball pits, and various obstacle courses. Additionally, there will also be inflatable bubble ball games and obstacle courses to test your courage, core muscles and coordination, and a mini-games arena that will delight all Kizzos.

9 giant bouncy castles and 2 exciting bubble ball games

The “Little Gourmet Festival” by Jumptopia features 9 massive bouncy castles, each representing a unique character and gourmet elements from around the world. At the towering 6.5-meter-tall “Tiger’s Burger Joint”, Tiger the Energetic Sportsman will ‘personally’ serve you his artisan burgers after you conquer the thrilling slide! Drago the Dragon Journalist takes the helm of “Drago’s Fruit Market”, while Happy the Hippo Dancer celebrates the grand opening of “Happy’s Sushi Bar” with beautifully crafted sushi, accompanied by a photogenic 4.5-meter-tall Octopus as the centrepiece. Head over to “Eli’s Noodle Bowl” where Eli the Elephant Engineer serves piping hot Japanese ramen.

The character Honey the Sweet Bee invites children to dive into Honey's bubble tea, a bouncy castle filled with bubble balls
Kids can play in nine massive bouncy play zones, including Honey’s Bubble Tea, a bouncy castle filled with bubble balls. (© Kiztopia)

Alternatively, hop onto “Mark’s Tacos Truck” and whizz down the adrenaline pumping slide to experience the bold flavours of Mexican cuisine, expertly prepared by Mark the Monkey Scientist! At “Honey’s Bubble Tea” filled with ‘bubble’ balls, Honey the Sweet Bee invites children to dive in and play to their hearts’ content! Be sure to visit “Bell’s Patisserie” and navigate past obstacles while dodging life-sized bread and croissants prepared by Bell the Bear Chef. Prepare yourself for a remarkable summer holiday filled with an exciting array of food-inspired sensations within these extraordinary bouncy castles!

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Designed with a family-friendly experience in mind, “Little Gourmet Festival” sees the debut of two exhilarating giant bubble ball games in Hong Kong and Macau, alongside 9 bouncy castles for active munchkins. The “Giant Bubble Bump” challenges players clad in inflatable bubbles to bump into each other in the ultimate balance test, while the “Roll Kizzos!” is an exhilarating race where players don bubble suits and sprint to the finish line within a striking black-and-yellow arena. 

Tickets available on Klook from July

Three types of tickets will be available exclusively on Klook starting from July, namely full-day pass, 90-minute ticket, and 60-minutes ticket. You may purchase Buddy Deal (1 adult & 1 child), Family Bundle (2 adults & 1 child), and Single Ticket (1 person). Those with a “full-day pass” can visit at any time to enjoy the attraction for up to 7 hours in one day.

Bookmark it for your summer trip to Macau and stay tuned on Kiztopia Hong Kong official website and Klook online platform for ticketing updates.

Header image credits: Kiztopia

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