Happy 2022 to you! So you have partied, done the countdowns, kissed the person next to you.

Now it’s time for a fresh start and to trust the magic of beginnings. Have you been pondering your New Year resolutions? What will they be?

Losing the extra weight you have gained towards the final months of 2021? Signing up for the class that you thought about taking last year but never got to? Reading those inspiring books that are still waiting for you on your nightstand or Kindle to turn to page one? Looking for that new job that excites you? Asking for the promotion that you think you deserve?

The list of resolutions can be endless. But the reality is that most people set pretty challenging new year resolutions for themselves, only to find themselves returning to their old habits after a few weeks or even days.

Why is positive energy important in achieving your resolutions?

Let me tell you how you can achieve all those ambitious resolutions without fail, and most of all, with ease.

First, I would like to introduce you to some basics. If you paid attention in physics class and still remember the theories, you should know very well that all matter is energy, as Einstein has proven with the formula E=mc². The equation indicates that energy and mass (matter) are interchangeable, that they are different forms of the same thing. 

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In other words, if we want to change our physical body (matter), the easiest and most important thing to change is our energy. And our mindset plays a key role in determining what comprises our energy field. If you remember the magnet experiment you may have done in physics class, you probably remember how EASY it was to flip the magnet once you CHANGED THE ENERGY FIELD.

The way we think (i.e. our mindset) generates emotions that we feel, which in turn set the energy field around us. This is because emotion is energy in motion. Do you remember the last time you saw someone who was really sad? So sad that you could feel the negative energy from miles away? Or when you see a happy child giggle? The happiness is so intense that the laughter lights up a room.

Indeed, if we can change our energy field, we change our future.

Why do most people fail at weight loss resolutions?

Let’s take weight loss as an example. Nearly 99% of people’s new year goals involve getting fit or losing weight. Why do most people fail at this resolution? The common belief is that you need to work on your diet and do the right exercise. But let me share with you this secret. The shortcut to losing weight or getting the figure you want is to work on your mind first.

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Why? If we do not elevate our energy level, our energy will remain low. What will happen next? We will not be able to stop ourselves from continuing to eat junk food, no matter how hard we try. Compared to healthy organic food, junk food has very low energy, as it loses its nutrition through processing. The low-energy body only has enough POWER to draw in low-energy food. That is why junk food is called comfort food. Those are the foods that we crave when we feel “low”, depressed, sad, frustrated… haven’t you found it’s much easier to grab a fresh juice or a salad after you have gone for a walk, or been to the gym? This is because you have elevated your energy level, so the food of similar level appeals to you; not the processed, low energy, junk food.

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How can you alter your thoughts to alter your energy?

Lucky for us, we do not have to go on a treadmill every time we want to elevate our energy. We merely have to work on our thoughts to alter our energy within moments. When our energy is at the right level, we are INSPIRED to do things at the same high energy level. We do not have to drag ourselves to the gym. Instead, we WANT to do the workout.

Actions motivated by inspiration are effortless. When we enjoy doing something, we focus on the sensations instead of the moving arms on the clock. People usually need time management on tasks that they do NOT enjoy doing.

In the coming four weeks of this Mind Gym column, I am going to show you how to elevate your energy to transform your mindset, step by step. Stay tuned to achieve all the goals that you have written down for 2022, with minimum effort.

New year.
New energy.
New you.
Same dreams.
Fresh start.

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Shirley Johnson is a certified transformational life coach and award-winning inspirational author. Her qualifications in yoga, pre and postnatal wellness, neurolinguistic programming, hypnotherapy and Reiki allow her to guide people in healing their past and building the future they truly desire.

With a background in luxury retailing, Shirley has a “thing” for beauty and aesthetics, which led her to a career in designing eco-friendly fashion accessories. A dedicated mother of two, her son’s brain cancer journey has taught her that the right mindset can conquer all. She shares her learnings to help others turn adversities into opportunities, and suffering into healing.

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Learn more about Shirley Johnson at www.radiancewithin.us or contact her at lifecoachshirleyjohnson@gmail.com.

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