Explore One of Hong Kong’s Most Fascinating Neighbourhoods

The Urban Discovery self-guided iDiscover Citywalks app unlocks secrets in some of Hong Kong’s most authentic neighbourhoods.  The Sham Shui Po guide is a great way to take in the area, without having to do any research! It takes the hassle out of exploring, and leads you through one of Hong Kong’s most vibrant and diverse neighbourhoods. We have road tested the App for you, and although we don’t want to share too many of the surprises that it has to offer, here are our highlights.

The App offers a route with 20 different destinations: including museums, restaurants, architectural points of interest and markets. For each location, you get some information on its historic background, iconic local characters, a selection of photographs and a set of interesting facts, which all help to paint a fuller picture about the area itself. You are guided to each location with a clear set of directions, and they include the Chinese characters for each location just in case you get lost and need to ask a local! Depending on how much you want to see and do, the walk could take you anywhere between 2 hours and a full day.

It starts at the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, a complex that used to be a factory, and still has some of the machinery from when that was its main function. Nowadays, its floors are filled with art studios, some of which are open to the public. The ground floor has a selection of different art exhibitions running, as well as shops, a lovely café and a traditional tea house.

Sham Shui Po Art and Galleries

The walk then continues around the area, taking in a variety of interesting locations along the way. Quintessential HK street scenes appear around every corner, making it a photographer’s dream. Other highlights include: the last remaining original public housing estate, the only temple in Hong Kong built for the Third Prince and a selection of popular local cuisine options. The App also gives you explicit directions on how to find certain kinds of beads, ribbons, fabrics and other textile goodies; all products the area is well-known for.

Sham Shui Po Fabrics

There is never a dull moment on this walk, and the journey from point to point is half the fun! It’s definitely a great way to check out a very eclectic part of Hong Kong, and an excellent way to learn more about Sham Shui Po’s interesting heritage.  Download the App here.

Going shopping in Sham Shui Po? This post will help you find your way around, and includes a mobile-friendly map too. 

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