Sham Shui Po is a shopper’s heaven, but with street after street packed with everything from fabrics to electronics, accessories to phones, it can feel slightly intimidating on first arrival. To make your trip go smoothly, we’ve done the legwork and produced our definitive guide to where to go and what to buy at Sham Shui Po market and the surrounding stores.

Toys, party bag fillers, seasonal items

toy street in sham shui po store
Shop for toys and seasonal items on Fuk Wing Street

If you are looking for children’s clothes and toys, then try Fuk Wa Street and Kweilin Street. Filling party bags or looking for stocking fillers? Then look no further than Fuk Wing Street for a good selection of clothes, toys and gadgets. Fuk Wing is also your go-to place for seasonal items, including Halloween accessories and Christmas decorations.


fabric stalls sham shui po
Fabric Market Stalls at the corner of Ki Lung Street and Shek Kip Mei Street

Sham Shui Po has street after street of wholesalers selling fabrics in every colour, pattern and cloth imaginable. Great to browse, and you can pick up swatches of fabrics, neatly presented on boards that you can take home. If you don’t see yourself sat at the sewing machine rustling up a new outfit, then another great use for these is to add them to the kids arts and crafts box! To purchase smaller quantities of fabric you can find retail shops and market stalls on the corner of Ki Lung Street and Shek Kip Mei Street.

Yen Chow Street Hawker Bazaar Sham Shui Po
Entrance to Yen Chow Street Hawkers Bazaar

Yen Chow Street Hawkers Bazaar is another good place to pick up smaller quantities of fabrics, it looks uninspiring from the outside but inside you will find a big selection of styles at good prices.

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Sewing & crafting accessories

Ribbons shop Sham Shui Po
Ribbon shop on Yu Chau Street

If you love buttons, ribbons, beads, accessories and jewellery making stuff then Yu Chau Street is the place to come. There are numerous shops all next door to one another selling every kind of colour and style imaginable both bulk and retail. One of our favourite stores is Tao Yuan Fashion Beads at 259 Yu Chau Street, here you will find a kaleidoscope of colourful beads to scoop into your basket, not to mention the kitch but cool bead sculptures in the window display.

Beads Stall Sham Shui Po
Stall selling colourful beads by weight


For fashion lovers, the place to go is the clothes market on and around Cheung Sha Wan Road. Bargains galore with everything including menswear, outdoor wear, children’s clothes and accessories and women’s clothes – some good, some bad and some downright scary! Prices are very low and it’s worth rifling through the rails to snap up a bargain. Ki Lung Street has bags, outdoor clothes, fabrics and also a lot of butchers and dried food stalls – interesting to walk down but probably not the best street for shopping.

Flea market, electronics, phone accessories & gadgets

Famous for once being the place to get dodgy electronics, Sham Shui Po has cleaned up its act and is now the go-to place for those looking for anything related to cameras, TV’s, music equipment, phones, and even cheaply priced SIM cards.

Flea Market Apliu Street Sham Shui Po
Apliu Street flea market stalls selling photo accessories

The selection is mind-blowing and it makes sense to know what you want to find before you go because there are so many shops and stalls that it can feel a little overwhelming to just browse. The shops along Apliu Street and Kweilin Street are the best options with everything you could possibly imagine, but be ready to bargain and don’t accept the first price offered! These streets have a bit of a flea market feel so there are lots of second hand items ranging from jade trinkets to electronics.

Golden Computer Arcade Sham Shui Po
Golden Computer Arcade where you can find all sorts of computer items

Another great place for electronics is Golden Computer Arcade on Fuk Wa Street which is packed with small shops selling computer items. The narrow walkways can make it a pretty uncomfortable place to wander about, but if you have some computer knowledge, then this is the place to come.

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leather goods from the lederer sham shui po
Handmade leather cardholder and other leathercraft tools (© The Lederer)

If you’re looking for genuine raw leather, you’re either just getting started with leather crafts, or simply want to get some affordable leather goods, then head over to Tai Nan Street and Ki Lun Street in Sham Shui Po. You may choose from a wide variety of leather materials, custom made leather goods and leathercraft tools from nearby retailers, such as Teepee Leather Workshop, Aurora Leathercraft, and The Lederer. These local leather shops have more to offer than just leather, most of them also host leather craft workshops and provide leather goods repair services.

Shopping map of Sham Shui Po

Here’s a summary of where to find things and a handy Sham Shui Po map.

  • Apliu Street – Flea market (phone accessories/gadgets/clothes)
  • Golden Computer Arcade on Fuk Wa Street – Electronics
  • Fuk Wa & Kweilin Streets – Kids’ clothes/toys
  • Fuk Wing Street – Kids’ toys, especially party bag fillers/seasonal decorations
  • corner of Ki Lung Street and Shek Kip Mei Street – Fabrics and sewing
  • corner of Ki Lung Street and Nam Cheong Street – Beads/buttons/ribbons/sequins
  • Dragon Centre on Yen Chow Street – Cafés and toilets
  • Yen Chow Street Hawker Bazaar – Fabric market

Sham Shui Po Map
Sham Shui Po map showing where to go shopping in the area

How to get to Sham Shui Po

The best and quickest way is to take the MTR to Sham Shui Po Station and leave at exit A2 which comes out on Apliu Street. The market spreads from there and it’s a good focal point if you find yourself becoming disorientated.

Tips for shopping in Sham Shui Po

Take a list. The size and scale of the streets and the variety of things on offer can make it a tad overwhelming, but go prepared and you won’t leave empty handed. If you can go on a weekday, then it will be much quieter than the weekend and don’t expect much to be open before 11am.

Dragon Centre Sham Shui Po
Dragon Centre mall on Yen Chow Street

There are lots dai pai dongs and cafés in the area (particularly on Un Chow Street) but one easy place to go for refreshments and a toilet break is Dragon Centre mall on Yen Chow Street. Here you can escape the Sham Shui Po market madness for a while. For coffee, try Café 360 on the 6th floor.

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Bargain hard!

Header image credits: Airam Dato-On via Unsplash

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