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Area Key Notes

South Lantau is a charming hidden gem in bustling Hong Kong.  Just a 30-minute ferry ride from Central, this beautiful rural area offers business people and families amazing green space, numerous beautiful beaches, and a rich quality of life.  The area attracts the business minded, creative types and lovely families.  They say people make a community.  If that is true, there isn’t a nicer place to live than South Lantau!

South Lantau is made up of a number of villages.  The biggest is Mui Wo, which is the main town and has a plethora of restaurants, shops and access to all the transport links.

Other lovely villages include Pui O, Ham Tin, Shap Long, San Shek Wan, Cheung Sha, Tong Fuk, Shui Hau and Tai Long Wan.  Further a field along the South Lantau Road there is the traditional fishing village of Tai O and the giant Tian Tan Buddha.

The many villages of South Lantau make up an amazing community with activities and events for everyone to enjoy.  With three international and two local schools, there is an abundance of children growing up in the great outdoors. There are ample after school activities, beautiful beaches, waterfalls, clubs and exercise classes for both adults and children as well as some of HK’s best hiking in the country parks.

Many homes in the area offer private gardens and rooftops too so bring your four-legged family, as South Lantau is very pet friendly.

South Lantau is a wonderful community that will welcome you with open arms.  It is definitely a more relaxed pace than the city.


South Lantau ferries commute regularly between Central and Mui Wo daily.  There are at least 30 sailings in each direction Monday to Saturday and at least 27 in each direction on Sundays and Public Holidays.   The majority of sailings are on a fast ferry, which takes about 30 minutes.  The slow ferries usually are 50 minutes and allow for larger cargo to be brought across (contact number: 2131 8181 and timetable)

Other ferries are also available to Cheung Chau and Discovery Bay.

The villages of South Lantau are serviced by regular bus services, which operate to Tung Chung, Tai O, Nong Ping and HK International Airport.  The bus routes conveniently service all villages with the exception of Shap Long.  Only residents of South Lantau can obtain a driving permit to allow them to drive their own car.

The Blue Taxis provide 24-hour on-call service to take you to your destination on the Island (contact number: 2984 9848).


Leyburn Villas, South Lantau

South Lantau is primarily comprised of small individual houses, referred to as village houses.  These are typically 2,100 sqft with a 700 sqft roof (3 floors each 700 sqft).  It is possible to lease or purchase part of a village house (only one or two floors).  Ground floor units may come with gardens and 2F (top) come with exclusive rights to the rooftop space.

Located at the centre of South Lantau, facing the longest beach in Hong Kong, Leyburn Villas offers a quiet, secure, cosy and affordable home in this beautiful location.  The homes are designed with contemporary elegance and work well for individuals or families to make the most of the trails, beaches and rural environment of South Lantau. Leyburn Villas also boasts a stunning swimming pool and landscaped grounds.

Mui Wo also has villas and low-rise apartments with the highest being the 5th floor.  Many apartments have amazing sea views and all are conveniently located next to the regular ferry service.

Cheung Sha has many villa complexes that may offer extras such as private car park, security gates, security officers, pool, tennis court and BBQ areas.


South Lantau has a large variety of shops to provide ease and convenience to residents.

To purchase groceries, Mui Wo has both Wellcome and Fusion in walking distance to the buses and car parks.  Additionally, there is a large wet market and two certified organic farms in Mui Wo.

Loi Chan Frozen Meat Company, 23A Chung Hau Street, Mui Wo, 2984 8346 Lau Shing Chan Frozen Meat Shop both supply quality imported meat, including organic choices.

Natural Plus, Shop A, Sea View Building, Mui Wo, 2984 2233, has an upstairs grocery, which sells organic and gluten free foods.

Island Wines, Shop G11, Silver Plaza, Mui Wo, 9521 8481, provides old world wines and spirits from Spain, Italy, Crimea, Russia, France, and Portugal.

The Soft & Hard,  Shop 3, G/F,  Silver Pearl Mansion, Mui Wo, 2984 1678, has a bit of everything (office supplies, linens, dishes, storage containers, etc).

Lantau Base Camp, Shop J, Sea View Building, Mui Wo,  5463 6060, has everything a local athlete would need (supplements, shoes, sports wear and other sports gear).

Renge House, Shop H, G/F, 1 Ngan Wan Road, Mui Wo, 2984 0080, is a gift shop that offers imported clothes, fancy and handmade items.

Friendly Bicycle Shop, Shop B, G/F, 13 Mui Wo Ferry Pier Road, Mui Wo, 29842278, buy or lease a bike.  Friendly has all biking supplies, as well.

ZenvarA, beautiful ladies wear and accessories. Shopping by appointment – contact Anita at


Mavericks Restaurant, Pui O Beach

Bahce Turkish Restaurant, G/F, Shop 19 Mui Wo Centre, Mui Wo, Lantau, 2984 0221

Caffe Paradiso – Coffee House, G/F, Shop 8 Mui Wo Centre, 3 Ngan Wan  Road, Mui Wo, Lantau, 2984 0498

China Beach Club, 18 Tung Wan Tau Road, 2983 8931

China Bear, G/F Mui Wo Centre, 3 Ngan Wan Road, Mui Wo, Lantau, 2984 9720

Como Lake, Stall Nos. 2 and 4, Mui Wo Cooked Food Market, Mui Wo, 2984 0009

Deer Horn Nepalese & Italian Cuisine, G/F, Mui Wo Centre, Mui Wo, Lantau,  3484 3095 or 6255 5769

High Tide Restaurant – Thai, G/F, Cheung Sha Lower Village, Lantau, 2980 3002

La-Pizzeria, G/F, Shop C Grandview Mansion, Mui Wo, Lantau, 2984 8933

Lantana Italian Bistro, G/F, Cheung Sha Lower Village, Lantau, 6331 8974

Lantau Taste – Chinese, G/F Silver Centre, Mui Wo, Lantau

Mau Kee Restaurant, G/F, Lo Wai Village, Pui O, Lantau, 2984 1151

Nitaya’s Thai Kitchen, G/F, Grandview Mansion, Mui Wo, Lantau (behind Rome), 3489 1282

Rome Restaurant, G/F, Grandview Mansion, Mui Wo, Lantau, 2984 7982

Sun Fat Restaurant, G/F, Lucky Court, Mui Wo, Lantau,  2984 0418

T-Party Cakes, Cheung Sha, Lantau, 9276 5734

Tap Tap,  G/F, 15 Lo Wai, Pui O Village, Lantau, 2984 1981

The Gallery, Tong Fuk village, 2980 2582

The Kitchen, G/F Scenic Crest, Mui Wo, Lantau, 9160 5986

Wah Kee Seafood Restaurant, Mui Wo Cooked Food Market, Mui Wo Ferry Concourse, Lantau

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