The Hong Kong Observatory announced yesterday at 5:10PM that the Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal Number 8 will be issued in the evening, as Severe Tropical Storm CHABA edges closer to Hong Kong. At 5PM, the CHABA was about 370 km south-southwest of the city and is expected to move in the direction of the coast of western Guangdong tonight and tomorrow.

On July 2, 4AM, The Hong Kong Observatory announced that the No. 8 Gale or Storm Signal will remain in force before noon.

chaba tropical storm t8 hong kong
Hong Kong Observatory

On July 2, 8.45AM, The Hong Kong Observatory announced No. 8 Gale or Storm Signal will remain in force before 4 p.m. Many areas of the territory are still experiencing gale force gusts, and storm force winds still sometimes occur offshore and on high hills. In the early afternoon, gales related to Chaba will continue to impact the area around the Pearl River Estuary.

On July 2, 1.45PM, Chaba is making landfall in Zhanjiang before gradually departing from Hong Kong. Local winds are likely to progressively diminish. HKO will consider issuing the Strong Wind Signal, No. 3 to replace the No. 8 Gale or Storm Signal between 4 and 8 p.m., depending on the degree of weakening of local winds.

Public transport, ferries, offices, schools, and stores are closed during T8.

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Header Image Credit : The Hong Kong Observatory

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