The Autobots crew has landed in Hong Kong! The first Transformers-themed restaurant in the world, Transformers: The Ark, opened in Causeway Bay on April 23 with an immersive fan experience for young and old in the Transformers universe.

Created by Hasbro Asia (the co-creators of the Transformers franchise), the interior of the sleek new restaurant resembles the G1 Ark spaceship that first carried the Autobot and Decepticon factions to Earth in the original television series and live action movies.

entrance of transformers: the ark restaurant
The facade has a 3D screen and resembles the ship’s entrance

The two-floor restaurant is made up of a lower ground grab-n-go counter and self-ordering stations where diners can eat as views of outer space cruise by on the screens, while on the upper floor visitors can explore and dine in the Autobots’ living quarters. The screens also show Transformers clips throughout the day.

A gift shop on the ground floor sells official Transformers merchandise like T-shirts, mugs, and model kits. A 2.8-metre-tall Optimus Prime figure stands guard here.

Transformers: The Ark’s simple menu features signature hamburgers in the shape of Optimus Prime’s face, including the 10-layer Black Truffle Angus Burger (HK$105) and Crab Meat Avocado Burger (HK$95), to be paired with some fried chicken bites (from HK$30) and frozen desserts.

Visit the Transformers: The Ark Facebook or Instagram pages for more info.

Transformers: The Ark, 38 Russell St, Causeway Bay (across from Times Square)

Image credits: Transfomers: The Ark

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