The Hong Kong government updated the rules for vaccine pass validity on Sunday. Originally, the deadline for the third vaccine dose was June 30; this has been moved up one month, to May 31. The grace period for getting the third dose after the second has also been shortened, from nine months to six.

Under the vaccine pass scheme which began on February 24, people aged 12 and over need to show proof of at least one Covid-19 vaccine dose in order to enter restaurants and 23 other types of places, including supermarkets and malls.

Referring to this pushing up of the third dose requirement in her daily Covid press conference today, Carrie Lam urged citizens to get vaccinated soon.

Grace period post-second dose shortened

The grace period after the second dose has been shortened. Originally, individuals aged 12 and above could get their third dose within nine months after their second. Now, they must get their third dose within six months after their second.

People who are medically exempted from getting the vaccine pass are still not required to get any doses to enter premises under the pass.

Vaccine schedule for people who have recovered from Covid

The government also outlined vaccination requirements for vaccine pass validity for people who have recovered from Covid.

In stages two and three (that is, from April 30 on), recovered patients are not required to get the third dose by May 31. They just need to get the second dose within six months after the first for their vaccine pass to remain valid.

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