Gift Giving with a Difference with Two Presents

Two Presents allows party organisers to ask guests to contribute to both a gift and a charity. The perfect way to give and support a local charity.

26 Feb 2013 — / Kids

Twopresents launches a better way to celebrate

Is there an up and coming special occasion in your household? Are you struggling for ideas of how to celebrate?  Then Twopresents has the answer.  This newparty invitation service with a charity twist offers a unique way of celebrating any kind of special event from birthday parties to baby showers, but with an element of social responsibility.

It’s so easy to use.  You send party invitations to your guests that let them know you have chosen to share your celebration with a local charity. Instead of bringing a present to the party, your guests are invited to contribute money on-line. You donate a percentage of the funds pooled to charity and use the rest to buy a special present! Twopresents: one for you and one for the charity!

We like Twopresents because it ensures the special present you get is something the recipient actually wants. It saves your guests the hassle of running around town shopping, and lets you track their RSVP’s and contributions easily on-line.

It gets a green thumbs up as it reduces the waste generated from wrapping paper and plastic packaging, plus it provides a great opportunity to educate children about sharing and giving back to the community!

Visit to plan your perfect party.

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