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Whether your pet barks, meows or squeaks, Whiskers N Paws is a must-visit store whenever you hang-out near Ap Lei Chau. Whiskers N Paws is Hong Kong’s leading pet retail store and e-commerce platform, but what truly differentiates them is their ethos : animals first.

If you’re looking for a large range of supplies for your pets, vetted products, tailored grooming services, yummy plant-based café or adoption amenities, Whiskers N Paws will be your favourite place to bring your companion for a stroll over the week-end.

More than a pet store, a community

Whiskers N Paws’ value of “connecting people through the love of animals” is evident across the products and services they provide to Hong Kong’s pawrents.

At Whiskers N Paws, a professional dog grooming team pours all their care and expertise into primping your pooch. With their extensive experience working with dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds, the groomers know how to make a comfortable environment while also ensuring that their furry client’s coat, nails, teeth, ears and of course health is properly cared for.

groomer pampering a dog

Whiskers N Paws also offers comfortable stations for you to self-wash your dog, with all the proceeds going towards their partner charities and community work. With a flat fee of HK$100, you will have access to their self-contained unit and ergonomic design to ensure your pup is looking and smelling his finest!

Whiskers N Paws also works closely with SPCA, LAP and HKDR to house puppies, kittens and small animals in designated store adoption spaces until they are adopted, and hosts regular dog adoption events every Sunday on their patio. Walking around their Ap Lei Chau store, potential adopters can meet these cuties and hopefully give them a “furever” home!

pet adoption wnp
dogs for adoption

Perhaps above all, Whiskers N Paws has done outstanding work supporting animals through adoption events, campaigns and partnerships, that have greatly impacted the animals in Hong Kong. For instance, the #endthetrade campaign, in partnership with WildAid, helps raise awareness and funds to end the commercial trade and sale of wild animals.

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end of trade

The brand also runs a yearly charity drive called Operation Santa Paws, a highly successful campaign collecting and redistributing donated animal products such as food, leashes, toys and bedding, to various animal shelters in Hong Kong.

A one-stop pet store for all types of supplies

Each and every product in Whiskers N Paws has been carefully selected for their high quality and safety for your little loved ones.

The selection of food is large, from grain free kibble to food toppers, frozen food with protein rich options such as kangaroo, lamb, turkey and beef, or complete diet wet food with chicken, lobster, beef and turkey flavours, no doubt that you’ll find the best food for your cat or dog, but also quality food for small animals like rabbit or hamsters.

Anything that you can imagine needing for your furry friends, you will surely find it at Whiskers N Paws, from crates, leashes, toys, grooming or healthcare products. The cherry on top, when visiting their Ap Lei Chau store, you can grab a bite in their café, enjoying their signature Impossible Burger while your pup also gets their very own Cheesebarker!

If you cannot go to Ap Lei Chau, check out the incredible supplies directly from home as Whiskers N Paws is also an online pet shop which offers free delivery on orders over HK$300.

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