Biu Kee Mahjong, which has made hand-carved and customised mahjong tiles for over half a century, will close at the end of October. The Jordan shop received an eviction notice from the Buildings Department at the end of last month stating that it would have to close as it is located at the foot of the building’s staircase, making it unauthorised premises.

Cheung Shun King, the owner of Biu Kee Mahjong, speaking about his craft (© Biu Kee Mah-jong via Facebook)

According to a Facebook post, the store’s owner Cheung Shun King, known fondly as Uncle King, wishes to continue the tradition he learnt as a teenager. The 70-year-old would like to continue practising his craft as long as he is able to and hopes that he can retain the original site of the store.

The news comes after iconic Hong Kong establishments like the century-old Lin Heung Tea House and the popular Tung Po Kitchen closed due to several factors, which include government restrictions imposed due to the pandemic and issued related to leasing agreements.

Hand-crafted mahjong tiles from Biu Kee Mahjong (© Biu Kee Mah-jong via Facebook)

An exception was Hoover Cake Shop, which was supposed to close after the owners retired, but was taken over by The Academic Groups. It will reopen in 2023 under new ownership, but with the same staff managing the kitchen.

Header image credits: Biu Kee Mah-Jong via Facebook

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