It’s one of the busier areas in Hong Kong…even chaotic, we dare say. But among bustling shoppers on the narrow streets, and up in the tall buildings with unassuming exteriors, are some hidden gems for dining and drinking in Causeway Bay. There’s some old western and Chinese food favourites here, along with new bars that may soon be your next haunt. We’ve also included spots in nearby Tin Hau for you to try when your belly is rumbling or thirst comes calling. Enjoy!


bochord restaurant causeway bay

Bochord, Causeway Bay’s newest gem, where dining feels like an exploration in a sophisticated library. This restaurant, designed like a luxurious library, offers an intriguing seven-course tasting experience for $1,388 per person. Savour exquisite dishes like the Carabinero Red Prawn with Shrimp Roe Noodles, or the iconic charcoal-grilled A5 Miyazaki-gyu rib cap. Each dish is a celebration of global flavours, perfectly paired with art-inspired cocktails. 

Shop 1101, 11/F, World Trade Center, 280 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay | +852 3613 0092


Skye bar rooftop bar in Causeway Bay Hong Kong
SKYE’s cool illuminated bar area with a view of Victoria Harbour and Victoria Park (© SKYE)

Who says you have to dine in TST for a wicked view? SKYE’s outdoor deck on the 27th floor of the Park Lane hotel is quite the treat for the eyes, with a cool illuminated bar and glowing tables set against a sparkling view of Victoria Harbour and Victoria Park. Indoors, dine on Chef Lee Adams’ award-winning cuisine in an inviting dining area alongside tall windows for more of that awesome view. There’s also three private rooms for a perfect birthday dinner or other celebratory event.

Address: 310 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay

Contact:  +852 2839 3327 /

Fleur de Sel

fleur de sel french restaurant in causeway bay hk
Savoury crepe with cheese, tomatoes, vegetables and egg (© Fleur de Sel)

Crepes for dinner! Give it a go and you’ll soon find yourself changing your regular meal plan to that of a true Breton. We’re talking galettes topped with delectable cheese and meat imported from France, and delicious crepes drizzled with sweet toppings like homemade chocolate, caramel or salted butter sauce. Whether you’re going sweet or savoury, either is nicely paired with a cider from Brittany served in a lovely traditional ceramic cup. The restaurant can seem hard to locate for first-timers among the mass signage, but just look up and you’ll see the white facade and name/logo.

Address: Shop 2J, Po Foo Building, Foo Ming Street, Causeway Bay

Contact:  +852 2805 6678 /

Little Bao Diner

little bao causeway bay restaurant hk
Little Bao’s signature Baos together with shared plates and greens (© Little Bao)

Little Bao has always been about fun, experimental, yet approachable cooking. Ever since chef-owner May Chow served up her first Pork Belly Bao in 2013, the team has been firing a nonstop arsenal of deliciousness to Hong Kong’s hungry public. Chow is known for her East-meets-West approach to Asian food, where she reimagines Hong Kong comfort food while drawing inspiration from flavours and techniques all over the world. Besides its signature baos, expect mouthwatering sharing plates such as Drunken Clams, Chicken Poppers, Shrimp Tacos, and Short-Rib Pan-Fried Dumplings.

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Address: 9 Kingston Street, Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay

Contact: +852 2555 0600


burger room causeway bay hk
Burgeroom provides both indoor and outdoor dining area in their Causeway Bay branch (© Burgeroom)

For those who like their burgers big, with juices dripping down their hands with each bite, you must head to Burgeroom. The burgers are phenomenal, tall suckers that require you to open wide, with toppings ranging from pineapple to portobello mushroom, and a mega cheese burger featuring 80g of cheddar. They also have the best sides we’ve seen, with a variety of fries to make your head spin (thick ones, twisty ones, wedges, even mini hash browns) that you can douse with melted cheese sauce. It’s located at Fashion Walk’s Food Street, which has a whole bunch of other places for eating and imbibing at.

Address: Shop D, G/F, 50-56 Paterson Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay

Contact:  +852 2890 9130 /

Brick Lane

bricklane causeway bay hong kong
Customisable eggs benedict with softshell crab, vegetables and hollandaise sauce (© Brick Lane)

Unlike the famous east London street lined with the best curry restaurants, this Brick Lane does proper English fry ups with thick sausages, baked beans, ham, bacon, eggs – the standard artery-clogging goodness – plus fish and chips, and classic roast dinners. Dessert, of course, means Victoria sponge cake or Eton Mess. In the mood for a picnic? They pack up all this yummy grub and more in a picnic basket that’s ready to go for a British meal on the grass.

Address: G/F, Lee Garden Six, 111 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay

Contact:  +852 2736 8893


alto restaurant in causeway bay hong kong
gorgeous interior inside ALTO with floor to ceiling windows overlooking Causeway Bay (© ALTO)

Another beauty of a view can be found at ALTO, inside and out. Dine in a stylish setting inspired by the elements – stone, wood, fire and water – and cast your eyes on the magnificent Victoria Harbour backdrop as you sit 31 floors up. They do a mean steak and decadent desserts to boot, from palette-cleansing sorbets (the passion fruit-mango flavour is so damn tasty) to gluttonous apple strudel with vanilla ice cream and honeycomb. Happy Hour is a great opportunity to partake in their luscious cocktails, namely ‘Lavender Me’, an invigorating tonic of Tanqueray, orgeat and lavender syrup, fresh pineapple juice, and a fragrant lavender sprig atop foamy egg white.

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Address: 31/F, V Point, 18 Tang Lung St, Causeway Bay

Contact:  +852 2603 7181 /


Frites restaurant in Causeway Bay Hong Kong
classic style interior with wooden tables and bar counter (© Frites)

An old favourite for Belgian beer lovers (their ‘Beer Bible’ contains one of Hong Kong’s largest selections of draught and bottled Belgian beer), and fans of the Belgian classic moules et frites, where every Monday you can have all the mussels you can eat, served with fries and bread. Burgers and steaks, fish and schnitzel, all with frites, of course, also feature on the extensive menu. Kids will love their tasty choices (bangers and mash, fresh fruity smoothies) and the FRITES Café play area, where they can do a bit of role play as customers and baristas.

Address: Shop 1, G/F Park Haven, 38 Haven Street, Causeway Bay

Contact: +852 2142 5233 /

Sushi Hiro

sushi hiro japanese restaurant in Causeway Bay Hong Kong
sushi counter where the sushi chef serves the diners at Sushi Hiro (© Sushi Hiro)

Continually ranked as one of the best sushi spots in Hong Kong. The service can at times be hit and miss, but people keep coming back so they’re doing something right. Maybe it’s the endless sushi list of maki, temaki and sashimi, or the superb sake selection, each measured with a Sake Meter Value (categorising sweet and dry) to ensure you’re getting the best pairing with your meal. It ain’t all raw either, with tempura, noodles, soups and heaping donburi bowls to satisfy non-sushi eaters.

Address: 10/F, Henry House, 42 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay

Contact:  +852 2882 8752

Din Tai Fung

Xiao Long Bao and beef noodles at Din Tai Fung Hong Kong
Xiao Long Bao and beef noodles at Din Tai Fung Hong Kong (© Din Tai Fung)

This Taiwanese import is coveted by dim sum lovers for its xiao long bao, with many queuing up for the steamed dumplings. In between baskets (because you will order many) you can watch the masters roll out dumpling after dumpling, each one swiftly made by hand and filled with black truffle, shrimp, chicken or pork – they’re acclaimed for the latter. Fuel up on spicy peanut sauce noodles and drunken chicken too in between hitting up the shops.

Address: Shop G3-11, G/F, 68 Yee Wo Street, Causeway Bay

Contact: +852 3160 8998 /

Inn Side Out

Inn side out causeway bay hk
The outdoor dining area of Inn Side Out overlooking the South China Athletics Association (© Inn Side Out)

Neat freaks may skip this one, unless you like the sound and sensation of used peanut shells under your feet. Because that’s the vibe at Inn Side Out, an American-style bar favoured by the sports crowd due to live games they frequently show on massive screens throughout the laid-back bistro. Park your butt on one of the high chairs inside, or spread out with a group in the large outdoor seating area overlooking the South China Athletics Association field. Then, bite into the free peanuts and throw the shells on the floor. But if you’re into classier fare, say a full slab of BBQ ribs, the menu is chock-full of pub food to munch on.

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Address: 2/F, 88 Caroline Hill Road, Causeway Bay

Contact: +852 2895 2900 /

Hex Bar Hong Kong

hex bar hong kong
The illuminating bar area and beer pong table at Hex Bar Hong Kong (© Hex Bar Hong Kong)

Hex Bar Hong Kong is famous for its beer pong sessions, providing some nice views in between a round, playing pool or checking out the latest match on the big screen. You’d be surprised but for a games bar, they do decent cocktails, some elaborately presented in instagrammable glassware and colours. The ‘Tsunami’ will feature heavily on your feed, presented in a fish bowl, with a gummy fish swimming in the blue icy drink that you’ll happily sip up.

Address: 26/F, Zing!, 38 Yiu Wah Street, Causeway Bay

Contact:  +852 2329 0899 /


Drunkerland in Causeway Bay Hong Kong
The storefront of Drunkerland with different kinds of craft beers on display (© Drunkerland)

Despite the name, this isn’t a bar frequented by boozy pub crawlers. It’s a small venue, nice and dark inside, perfect for shooting the breeze with a friend over a pint. Serious beer drinkers come here to sample the more than 100 craft brews available from Belgium, Japan, Hong Kong, UK and USA (don’t come here expecting Budweiser). Cheap weekly specials pairing beer with pizza or snacks help soak up the suds.

Address: Shop B, G/F, 27 Ngan Mok Street, Tin Hau

Contact:  +852 3702 1841 /

Sister Wah

sister wah in Causeway Bay Hong Kong
The storefront of Sister Wah (© Sister Wah)

Nothing fancy here, just a few tables in an unassuming setting, but this mom and pop eatery has a true following, mainly for its famous beef brisket with noodles in clear broth. Those flat rice noodles will slither down your chopsticks and chin, and that’s fine, as you’ll fit right in. Slurping is not frowned upon here and your wallet will not take a hit, whether you’re going for the brisket or their other signature dish, braised daikon radish in clear beef broth.

Address: G/F, 13A Electric Road, Tin Hau

Contact:  +852 2807 0181


Japanese roasted beef at campers causeway bay hong kong
Japanese roasted beef served with vegetables and rice (© Camper’s)

Camper’s is Japanese comfort food made with no additives, minimal fat and lots of vegetables. In fact, many of their dishes are vegan, like their popular vegan curry and rice. The setting is homey and intimate, perfect for a quick lunch, and the meal sets are a good introduction to their food, like the fantastic beef curry served with plenty of colourful veg and rice that is not the usual boring scoop; theirs is complemented with bits of sweet potato and corn.

Address: 127 Electric Road, Tin Hau

Contact: +852 2889 7377


Palki indian restaurant in Causeway Bay
diners enjoying Indian cuisine at Palki (© Palki)

Palki consistently gets a thumbs up from locals who come for authentic Indian food without the fuss. It’s a small restaurant, so you’ll definitely hear the couple beside you fighting over the last papadum, but you won’t mind because the food is great. The staff are friendly and are happy to recommend a dish, helping you branch out from the usual butter chicken and naan. Spicy lamb shank curry, aloo gobi and tender tandoori chicken are some of the highlights.

Address: G/F, Fook Wah Mansion, 2 Tsing Fung Street, Tin Hau

Contact:  +852 2566 8411

Header image credits: ALTO

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