Everyone understands the importance of insurance, but the landscape can be somewhat overwhelming and complex. You’ve worked tirelessly to purchase a home or to build a solid business, and you’d do anything to protect your family and your assets, but unfortunately, accidents and unforeseen events can and do happen. If you are not adequately insured, it could leave you in financial troubles so having the best insurance coverage possible is crucial.

CCW Global Ltd, a leading Hong Kong insurance broker, has access to an array of reputable insurers governed and closely regulated by Hong Kong’s Insurance Ordinance. Expert Brokers give you unbiased advice, free of charge or obligation, which helps you to determine what coverage, if any, best meets your specific requirements.

Comprehending Hong Kong insurance

Hong Kong is synonym of busy, fast lifestyle and there are many possibilities for insurance coverage, from a personal and business standpoint.

You may be a collector of sculptures and need a special art insurance, drive a car through Hong Kong’s  narrow streets and need to be covered for potential damages, have a domestic helper who needs a maid insurance, be a budding scuba diver that necessitates tailored sports insurance, or simply being a savvy person who insists on having  health and  travel insurance. Whatever your lifestyle, you might need a plan to cover at the very least your health, home and family.

If you’re not originally from Hong Kong and if you’re not that familiar with insurance products, then working with an insurance broker might be wise. An expert consultant can help you understand the insurance and introduce you to your various options.

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Insurance and savings

An insurance broker will inspect and compare for you some of Hong Kong’s finest coverage offers and find the solution that works best for your unique requirements. With over 40 regulated insurance companies at their fingertips, you have complete control to choose the policy that works for you.

About CCW Global

CCW Global has been a leading bespoke broker of innovative and flexible insurance offerings to individuals, families and businesses in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region for almost a decade. They have your interests at heart and will only provide independent and impartial advice on a complete range of insurance coverage.

Laws in Hong Kong are exacting, so you can remain secure in the knowledge that you will only receive relevant and personally tailored packages.

Best of all, insurance policies offered by CCW cost exactly the same as those offered directly by the major insurance companies, allowing you to compare coverage and get expert advice secure in the knowledge that you aren’t paying more for all the extra services on offer.

At CCW, insurance brokers carefullyresearch the seemingly endless plans and present the highest quality policies that offer you the best coverage. They guide you through confusing terms and conditions and complex insurance laws in a language you understand.

Contact CCW Global* for a free quote

Collectively, the team at CCW Global Insurance Brokers has over half a century of insurance experience. They understand the complexities, unfathomable noise and sometimes overwhelming jargon used in insurance advertising; they will empathetically present clear solutions that make sense to you and your family.

For a free insurance quote, please contact info@ccw-global.com or +852 2114 2840.

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* CCW Global are The HK Hub’s recommended insurance brokers, and this write-up was sponsored by CCW Global.

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