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The designing software market is bloated with useless freeware, making it hard for designers and hobbyists to choose a tool that delivers as marketed. Whether you need digital assets to enhance your design or AI help to overcome creative block, Creative Fabrica is your tool. It offers vast and diverse asset libraries, AI design assistants, tutorials, and a super-intuitive UI.

What is Creative Fabrica?

Creative Fabrica is an online design tool that serves as a comprehensive resource hub for creative individuals and businesses. It offers subscription-based access to an expansive collection of over 6 million fonts and graphics, and numerous crafting resources, including embroidery and crochet patterns.

Users benefit from daily updates with fresh content and have unlimited access to high-quality designs, including Print On Demand assets. The platform supports creativity with tools like FontCloud and ShapeCloud, enhancing project design and execution. Additionally, Creative Fabrica hosts a variety of video classes and tutorials to sharpen crafting skills and foster a community of designers and craft enthusiasts. Subscribers can also request bespoke designs to meet specific needs, ensuring every creative vision can be realistically brought to life.

Vast and diverse libraries

font library creative fabrica

Creative Fabrica has a vast asset library, boasting around 6 million assets with over 115,000 fonts to choose from thousands of other valuable graphics, including vector illustrations, clipart, and digital patterns—pretty much everything that adds life to your artwork.

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You can also choose from various free templates available for paper crafts, scrapbook layouts, and card designs. Then, you can customize them according to your needs to create beautiful projects with just a few clicks.

These assets and templates also ensure you don’t rely on third-party sources and separate licenses to improve your designs and deliver whatever you or your clients require. The cherry on top is that the library keeps growing, so you practically never run out of resources.

An all-in-one suite

Libraries are just a part of what Creative Fabrica has. The platform is the Creative Fabrica Studio, a full-fledged, easy-to-use design tool suite that makes the process simple, fast, and intuitive. So, you don’t have to go off-platform to complete your designs, you can do it right there, using Studio, which means no more relying on technical third-party tools!

The Studio suite includes all tools, from setting the canvas sizes (even choosing from presets) to adding texts, editing the background, browsing photos, and most importantly, playing with layers—which most other designing tools, except for the high-end ones, do not offer.

Integration of AI with Spark

Creative Fabrica has recently launched Spark, an AI-powered design tool, to help you maximize your efficiency, creativity, and performance. This revolutionary feature not only helps you brainstorm new designs in real-time but also pushes you to rethink your creative process.

Spark AI is more than a one-job tool. It is a full suite of AI assistants.

  • Spark Art lets you describe and bring your vision to life.
  • Spark Writer helps you create text instantly for articles, posters, or ads.
  • Spark Flow enables you to transform your ideas into images and animations.
  • Spark Patterns generates repeatable patterns to add decoration to your designs.
  • Spark Crystalline lets you create simple cut files for making clip art and design elements for die-cutting.
  • Spark Coloring Pages lets you create coloring pages for all ages.
  • Spark Sketch makes black and white pencil sketches.
  • Spark ImageMix helps you breathe new life into old and existing images.
  • Spark Prompt Builder lets you create perfect prompts for AI image generation by selecting styles and details.
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Though other tools may now have AI assistants too, none matches the diversity that Spark by Creative Fabrica offers.

Print on demand and commercial licenses

Creative Fabrica offers Print On Demand and Commercial Licenses so you can confidently use your designs.

The Commercial License applies to the vast majority of Creative Fabrica’s resources, promising you the freedom to use them without any issues in projects you do for your clients or other commercial purposes. It eliminates copyright concerns, allowing you to focus on creating and profiting from your craft rather than worrying about legal consequences.

On the other hand, Creative Fabrica offers Print On Demand or Licenses for specific resources, allowing you to use these designs directly on any POD products you’re working on.

Classes and tutorials for all

creative fabrica classes creative fabrica

Here’s what makes Creative Fabrica much more than a designing and editing tool.

Creative Fabrica has a built-in school overflowing with tutorials and classes catering to all skill levels, from beginner to intermediate to advanced. You can choose from the vast array of categories that offer tutorials for everything from sewing to gel printing.

The classes are short and manageable, so you don’t have to take much time out of your busy routine. Learning from talented individuals in Creative Fabrica’s classes will help you master any craft you love and expand your skill set.

Daily gifts

Creative Fabrica knows inspiration can strike at any moment. So, it offers a treasure of freebies with its Daily Gifts program. Every day, you get 3 gifts you can use within 24 hours

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These include a font to give your projects a new typeface, an SVG cut file compatible with various cutting machines allowing you to create stunning designs, and a clip art or design to add a touch of personality and visual appeal to your creations.

This daily gift scheme incentivizes you to use tools you may not have otherwise considered using, allowing new creative ideas to flood in.

Discover Creative Fabrica

Creativity is in trying new things out. You can either keep using your current tool, which may be, by the way, adding to your creative block. Or, you can use Creative Fabrica, and benefit from its libraries, AI assistants, tutorials, and, most importantly, daily gifts, maximizing your brain’s capacity to be creative, just like the platform itself.

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