The Hong Kong government will reveal plans for monthly fireworks and drone shows, as well as a revamped version of the daily Symphony of Lights multimedia event. According to a report in The Standard, the Hong Kong Tourism Board will also organise “themed activities such as city walks and night runs” to encourage tourists to visit the city.

hong kong 2024 lunar new year fireworks victoria harbour
More than 180,000 tourists entered Hong Kong on the day of the recent Chinese New Year fireworks show.

The new measures will reportedly be announced when Financial Secretary Paul Chan unveils the 2024-2025 budget on Wednesday. The budget will also include plans for more entertainment and dining options along the city’s harbourfront. These developments come after the city welcomed 750,000 visitors during the recent Chinese New Year long weekend, of which 183,674 tourists came on February 11 — the day of the city’s annual Lunar New Year fireworks show.

Over the past year, the government has revived the tradition of holding three fireworks displays a year for National Day, New Year’s Eve, and Chinese New Year. Residents and visitors to the city also experienced special weekend pyrotechnic displays during the Harbour Chill Carnival over the summer and during the Hong Kong WinterFest

symphony of lights
The Symphony of Lights is a daily 10-minute show in which 40 buildings on both sides of Victoria Harbour put on a dazzling light show.

The city also held drone shows during the Waterfront Carnival as part of last year’s Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day celebrations, when 800 drones lit up the sky over Victoria Harbour in patterns synonymous with Hong Kong and Chinese culture, such as Cantonese opera motifs and ‘Jade Rabbit and the Moon’.

The Hong Kong government is also revitalising well-known tourist spots in the territory that saw a drop in visitor traffic during the pandemic, most notably by adding more food stalls to the Temple Street Night Market. In addition, there is a series of cultural events taking place in the SAR as part of the Day x Night Vibes campaign, such as a Songkran celebration in Kowloon City, as well as a roster of art and film festivals during Art March 2024, including Art Basel and Art Central.

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Header image credits: Hong Kong Tourism Board

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