The popular LA-based gourmet sandwich chain, Eggslut, is set to open its doors in Causeway Bay in mid-June 2023, offering its famed gourmet egg sandwiches to foodies and egg lovers alike.

The impending grand opening of the LA-based premium fast food chain will be held at their premier restaurant on the ground floor of Fashion Walk shopping mall in Causeway Bay. Urbanites, foodies and egg lovers alike can indulge in Eggslut’s infamously praised egg sandwiches served in their fluffy and airy brioche buns. 

Inspired by a true love for eggs, Eggslut’s menu features a mouth-watering selection of sandwiches that offer an eggcellent balance of classic comfort food with a twist. With a goal of changing the narrative and making egg-based breakfast dishes appetising all day, Eggslut is one restaurant closer to their goal as people just can’t get enough! While burgers are a popular type of food, Eggslut has chosen to focus on sandwiches, particularly those that feature eggs as a main ingredient.

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eggslut gourmet sandwiches
Famed LA sandwich chain Eggslut is set to open its door in Causeway Bay in June

As they aim to make western breakfasts appetising all day, they started off by offering breakfast sandwiches as it gives them the freedom to be able to offer a wide variety of tasty and unique dishes that appeal to a range of customers, from traditionalists who prefer classic egg sandwiches to more adventurous eaters who are looking for something new and exciting. 

Founded in 2011 by American chef Alvin Cailan, what once started out as a food truck serving the streets of Los Angeles, became a worldwide food chain loved by thousands. Besides Hong Kong, Eggslut is currently present in major cities across the world, such as London, Singapore, Tokyo and South Korea, with no plans on slowing down anytime soon.

Image and content credits: Eggslut/Voltage X 

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