Hong Kong Airlines is kicking off the summer by giving travellers the chance to get free economy round-trip tickets to 11 destinations across Asia as part of its latest Click & Go campaign. Starting at 10am on May 28, passengers will get the chance to book HK$0 fare tickets from Hong Kong to Bangkok, Osaka, Nagoya, Phuket, Seoul, Haikou, Sanya, Chengdu, Chongqing, Beijing, and Shanghai.

hong kong airlines click and go offer

The ticket quotas for each destination vary between 200 and 1,200. The tickets can only be used for travel during May 28-June 27, 2024 and September 2-September 24, 2024. In addition, there are blackout dates from June 6-9, 2024 and September 13-16, 2024. The tickets can be used for a travel period ranging from 2-7 days, and cannot be upgraded to business class.

Hong Kong-BangkokMay 28-June 27, 20241,200
Hong Kong-BangkokSeptember 2-September 24, 20241,200
Hong Kong-OsakaMay 28-June 27, 2024500
Hong Kong-OsakaSeptember 2-September 24, 2024500
Hong Kong-NagoyaMay 28-June 27, 2024500
Hong Kong-NagoyaSeptember 2-September 24, 2024500
Hong Kong-PhuketMay 28-June 27, 20241,000
Hong Kong-PhuketSeptember 2-September 24, 20241,000
Hong Kong-SeoulMay 28-June 27, 2024300
Hong Kong-SeoulSeptember 2-September 24, 2024300
Hong Kong-HaikouMay 28-June 27, 2024300
Hong Kong-HaikouSeptember 2-September 24, 2024300
Hong Kong-SanyaMay 28-June 27, 2024300
Hong Kong-SanyaSeptember 2-September 24, 2024300
Hong Kong-Chengdu TianfuMay 28-June 27, 2024700
Hong Kong-Chengdu TianfuSeptember 2-September 24, 2024700
Hong Kong-ChongqingMay 28-June 27, 2024700
Hong Kong-ChongqingSeptember 2-September 24, 2024700
Hong Kong Beijing Capital
May 28-June 27, 2024800
Hong Kong Beijing Capital
September 2-September 24, 2024800
Hong Kong-Shanghai
May 28-June 27, 2024200
Hong Kong-Shanghai
September 2-September 24, 2024200
Hong Kong-Beijing
Daxing International
May 28-June 27, 2024500
Hong Kong-Beijing
Daxing International
September 2-September 24, 2024500
The ticket quotas and travel dates for the Hong Kong Airlines HK$0 offer from May 28-31, 2024.

Passengers who successfully book their tickets will only have to pay applicable taxes, fees and surcharges. Each ticket includes 20 kilos of checked-in baggage and one carry-on item weighing 7 kilos. The offer ends on May 31. All tickets are sponsored by the Hong Kong International Airport. For more information, visit the Hong Kong Airlines campaign page.

The airline ran a series of Click & Go campaigns last year as part of the Hello Hong Kong initiative spearheaded by the government to encourage tourists to visit the city. Other Hong Kong-based carriers such as Cathay Pacific, HK Express and Greater Bay Airlines ran similar campaigns as part of the programme and gave away a total of 500,000 free tickets to Hong Kong residents and tourists. 

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