Hong Kong may see its second typhoon of the year as early as next week if the area of low pressure currently east of the Philippines intensifies to typhoon strength.

The Hong Kong Observatory expects this weather system to develop into a tropical cyclone and considers it likely, “that it will enter the northern part of the South China Sea early next week, bringing unsettled weather to the coast of southern China.”

However, the observatory also said, “There are large uncertainties in its subsequent movement [and that] the tropical cyclone may move towards the vicinity of Taiwan instead.”

In the meantime, the weather in Hong Kong in the second half of this week “will improve and will be very hot” due to the impending tropical cyclone.

Earlier this week, Hong Kong experienced its first typhoon of the year when Talim arrived in the city in the early hours of Monday morning. The observatory raised Gale or Storm Signal No. 8, which remained in force for 16 hours.

During this time, ferry and bus services across the city were suspended and the MTR ran in restricted mode, with increased intervals in departure times.

According to official government reports, there were 55 fallen trees, two cases of flooding, and nine people injured during Typhoon Talim.

Read our explainer on Hong Kong’s typhoon signals and weather warnings, and check out our guide on how to prepare for a typhoon in the city.

Header image credits: Saud Nassir via Canva

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