The first of Hong Kong’s monthly fireworks displays will take place on May 1 over Victoria Harbour. The forthcoming gold-themed show will be held near Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade (near East Tsim Sha Tsui) at 8pm and will be 10 minutes long. The display will be fired at about 130 metres from the promenade and will shoot up to a height of 100 metres.

hong kong hk monogram fireworks display
The forthcoming May 1 fireworks will include images like an HK monogram (© Hong Kong Tourism Board)

There will be some images from previous shows, like the HK monogram from last year’s Harbour Chill Carnival and the smiley face from the 2024 Lunar New Year display. The golden sparks that will form the major part of the display will commemorate the Labour Day Golden Week holiday. The show will also be held along with A Symphony of Lights, Hong Kong’s daily light-and-sound show that includes 43 of the city’s buildings and two of its major attractions.

hong kong may 1 fireworks best vantage points
The vantage points recommended by the Hong Kong Tourism Board for the May 1 fireworks (© Hong Kong Tourism Board)

Authorities recommend that anyone who wants to get the best view of the show should head to the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, where they will also hear music from special sound systems set up for the event. Other vantage points for this show include Hung Hom Promenade, the East Coast Park Precinct, the Wan Chai harbourfront area, and the Wan Chai Temporary Promenade — the last of which will also have sound systems installed for the event.

hong kong east coast park precinct and wan chai harbourfront area
Head to spots like the East Coast Park Precinct and the Wan Chai harbourfront area to watch the May 1 fireworks shows (© Raymond Ling via Flickr)

The Hong Kong government first announced the plan to hold monthly fireworks and drone shows in February this year as part of the 2024-2025 budget. There will be a drone show on May 11 at the Wan Chai Temporary Promenade, which will be followed by more fireworks-and-drone displays in June for the Dragon Boat Festival. Authorities have not yet revealed the schedule of future shows.

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Header image credits: Hong Kong Tourism Board

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