The Hong Kong government will kick off its monthly fireworks displays and drone shows next month. The first pair of shows will take place in early May to mark the Labour Day Golden Week, followed by another series of events in June to coincide with the Dragon Boat Festival.

The first fireworks display for the Labour Day Golden Week will be held at the East Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade on May 1, which will be followed by a drone show at the Wan Chai Temporary Promenade on May 11. In June, there will first be a drone show on June 10, then a fireworks display on June 15 for the Dragon Boat Festival. According to The Standard, the announcement was made by the Tourism Board’s executive director Dane Cheng Ting-yat, who said that the shows will all be 10-minutes-long and begin at 8pm.

Fireworks show8pm, May 1East Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade
Drone show8pm, May 11Wan Chai Temporary Promenade
Drone show8pm, June 10Wan Chai Temporary Promenade
Fireworks show8pm, June 15Wan Chai Temporary Promenade
The schedule for the new monthly fireworks and drone shows.

The new pyrotechnics and drone displays were announced in February as part of the 2024-2025 budget, which also includes a provision for a revamped version of the Symphony of Lights. Cheng added that several organisations across the city will hold similar shows as part of the Night Vibes campaign.

Hong Kong’s fireworks shows at Victoria Harbour have been a regular part of the city’s events calendar for three occasions: National Day, New Year’s Eve, and Chinese New Year. Last year, the government organised special weekend pyrotechnic displays during the Harbour Chill Carnival over the summer and during the Hong Kong WinterFest, as well as drone shows during the Waterfront Carnival as part of last year’s Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day celebrations.

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Header image credits: Hong Kong Tourism Board

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