Japanese restaurant Chotto Maki, which specialises in customised sushi rolls, has added what it calls Hong Kong’s first ever sushi pizza to its menu. The new pizza comes in three flavours, and can be bought by the slice, as a whole pizza, or in a half-and-half combination.

Each slice costs HK$58, while a whole 12-inch pizza is priced at HK$378. Diners who want to have a half-and-half combo pizza will pay HK$398. The pizzas feature none of the traditional bread-based dough, sauce, or toppings that one sees in Italian pizzas. Instead, each of the three flavours has a seaweed crust topped with rice. 

sushi pizza chotto maki menu
The new sushi pizza on Chotto Maki’s menu.

The Sea Lover toppings include chopped scallop, salmon, edamame and house special sauce, while the Tuna N’Cream is a decadent combination of chopped tuna, cream cheese, tamale, and truffle mayo. The last one, simply called Canadian, has imitation crabmeat, tuna, yellow pickles, and spicy mayo.

The concept of sushi pizza originated in Toronto in the early 1990s, when Japanese-Canadian chef Kaoru Ohsada during his time as a chef at Nami Japanese Seafood Restaurant. The original version — inspired by the California roll — had a fried rice patty as the base with toppings like avocado, salmon, tuna, or crab meat.

Last month, Pizza Hut made headlines when it teamed up with famed snake soup restaurant Ser Wong Fun to create the world’s only snake soup pizza. The pizza, which was on the franchise’s menu in November as an autumn special, had toppings used in Ser Wong Fun’s famed snake stew. The restaurant also came up with a special pizza with Chinese preserved sausages and a sausage-filled crust.

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Image credits: Chotto Maki

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