Hong Kong is well-known for its savoury and diverse cuisine. The city is home to numerous luxury restaurants, as well as to some of the best street food in Asia. We’ve picked 10 must-try Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurants that represent the diverse cuisines served up in Hong Kong — from Cantonese and Italian dishes, to Vietnamese and Japanese food. They are known to have high-quality food, a total of three-course meals at a reasonable price, and a close-to-Michelin experience.

What is Michelin Bib Gourmand?

The name Bib Gourmand came from the Michelin company’s nickname for their mascot “The Michelin Man”, who is officially known as Bibendum. This Bib Gourmand guide is close to Michelin stars, but it focuses on restaurants that serve good quality food within HK$300. Since 1997, Michelin has been creating this guide to acknowledge restaurants that offer great dining experiences across the world, and there are 67 such establishments in Hong Kong.

At first, the Bib Gourmand offered the label “R” to identify restaurants that met these standards. Bib Gourmand is well-loved due to the great creative logo of the Michelin man licking his lips to represent great food deals. This gives the new lens of Michelin, where food out of high-end restaurants can also be qualified as great examples of culinary excellence.

Man Yuen — Wong Tai Sin

man yuen restaurant hong kong

Man Yuen is a recent addition to the Bib Gourmand list, thanks to its quality Cantonese dishes made with fresh ingredients. The fact that it’s tucked away in a public housing estate in East Kowloon doesn’t stop diners from making reservations to feast on classics such as wok hei-laden “king of stir-fries” with fresh, dried, and sakura shrimps. The dining experience here is elevated by the fact that the kitchen staff and front-of-house teams have worked in exclusive clubs, hotels, and restaurants.

Address: Shop S02, 2F, Tin Ma Court Commercial Centre, 55 Chuk Yuen Road, Wong Tai Sin
Opening Hours: 11am-10.30pm
Contact: Website | Facebook | Instagram | +852 6315 7300

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Kwan Kee ClayPot Rice — Sai Ying Pun

Black sausage with eel claypot rice
Clay Pot with Rice (© Michelin)

Kwan Kee is easy to find, thanks to its large traditional sign that stands out from the street. The restaurant is known for its clay pot dishes, including beef, fish, chicken, goat, and vegetables. They use a blend of three types of rice as a base that is lightly brushed with oil to create its golden crisp-and-crunchy texture, and top it with delicious ingredients. The cooking technique involves trapping the steam to retain moisture in the ingredients and give the dishes their trademark chewy texture and smoky flavour. The house signature dishes are white eel, pig bone soup, stewed lamb, and house special drunken chicken.

Address: Shop 1, Wo Yick Mansion, 263 Queen’s Road West, Sai Ying Pun, Western District
Opening hours: 11am-2:30pm & 6pm to 10:30pm (Monday-Saturday); 6pm to 10:30pm (Sunday)
Contact: + 852 2803 7209

Po Kee — Sai Wan / HKU

po kee restaurant hong kong roast goose with rice noodles and char siu
Po Kee is known for its roast goose served with rice noodles and its char siu (© Michelin)

Po Kee is a locally recognised Cantonese roasted goose favourite spot in the Western District of Hong Kong. It has been in business for more than 40 years and is loved by locals of all ages. The shop is famous for its roast goose, which is lean, juicy, crispy skin and served with Lai Fan (rice noodle). We also like their Char Siu (barbecue pork), with its hint of smoky flavour and the right amount of sweetness from the honey. Po Kee attracts lots of customers from across Hong Kong, so make sure to arrive before 2pm before the goose is sold out.

Address: Shop P, G/F, 425 Queen’s Road West, Shek Tong Tsui, Western District
Opening hours: 11:30am to 8pm (Closed Sunday)

Ăn Chơi — Sheung Wan

an choi hong kong restaurant
Get an authentic Vietnamese street dining experience at Ăn Chơi (© Ăn Chơi)

Sheung Wan is full of restaurants that cater to pretty much every kind of palate — whether you’re craving local fare, reasonably priced sushi, or hearty Thai food. So it’s quite something when a humble Vietnamese establishment in this neighbourhood has customers lining up during the lunch hour rush. The restaurant captures the liveliness of the country’s famed street stalls, and is known for its bánh mì sandwiches that come in an array of fillings, as well as its varying versions of phở that are made according to different regional traditions. Wash it all down with egg coffee or Vietnamese beer.

Address: 15-17 Mercer Street, Sheung Wan
Opening Hours: 12pm-10pm
Contact: Website | Facebook | Instagram | +852 5286 1517

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Tasty — Central

congee from tasty restaurant hong kong
Tasty is popular among Hong Kong foodies for its congee (© Tasty)

Tasty is located in IFC mall and is usually full of customers who come for the delicious options of congee, and noodles with delicately wrapped shrimp wontons. The fried dough is a great side to dip with your congee. We recommend the house-made specials like pork liver, fish belly, frog, and steamed buns. Tasty serves a wide range of food such as dim sum, stir-fry rice, and noodles with other ingredients. You cannot miss their Cantonese desserts — think red bean soup, stewed papaya, stewed pear, and black sesame paste.

Address: Shop 3016-3018, 3/F, IFC, 1 Harbour View Street, Central
Opening hours: 11am-11pm
Contact: Website | Facebook | +852 2295 0101 and +852 2295 0505

She Wong Leung — North Point

she wong leung hong kong restaurant
She Wong Leung is renowned for its snake soup that can be had along with fried rice (© Michelin)

This shop is known for its snake soup and has been in business for more than 20 years. Snake soup is a common delicacy people love to eat during the winter for its health benefits and to stay warm. The texture of the soup resembles that of chicken, and the dish is served with mushrooms and other ingredients. The owner of the store changes the menu seasonally and uses different ingredients, such as black fungus and tangerine peel. Diners can choose to have their snake soup with vegetable rice, curry chicken wings, lamb stew, or roast meat. She Wong Leung also sells stew with Chinese medicine ingredients.

Address: Shop A, G/F, 298 Electric Road, North Point
Opening hours: 12pm-12:30am
Contact: +852 2578 8135

Little Napoli Pizzeria — Happy Valley

little napoli hong kong restaurant

This Italian restaurant was moved from the Michelin Selected list and accorded Bib Gourmand status in 2024. Classic Neapolitan pizzas and street foods like ripieno fritto and panuozzo are made with only ingredients from Naples. Pizzas such as Margherita or Vesuviana are made to order, baked in an Italian stone oven at 400 degrees Celsius, giving them a crisp and slightly charred crust with a gooey centre. Seating is limited, so it’s recommended that diners come early if they want to dine in.

Address: 8 King Kwong Street, Happy Valley
Opening Hours: 12pm-10pm (closed Mondays)
Contact: Website | Facebook | Instagram | +852 6882 1823

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Ho To Tai Noodle Shop — Yuen Long

ho to tai restaurant hong kong
Ho To Tai is known for making its noodles, dumplings, and wantons from scratch (© Michelin)

If you’re looking for Cantonese dumplings or wontons in New Territories, this is your go-to spot in the area. This two-storey noodle shop has been in business for over 70 years — even boasting a dried noodle factory that sells to retail stores. The restaurant, which has retained its old-school design, is one of the more popular joints in Yuen Long as it has a steady stream of local and out-of-town customers. Ho To Tai makes everything from scratch — its dumplings, wontons, and noodles — following traditional recipes. Everything is made with care, leaving customers full of love as they feast on their meals and purchase noodles to take home as Hong Kong souvenirs.

Address: G/F, 67, Fau Tsoi Street, Yuen Long
Opening hours: 10am-8pm
Contact: +852 2476 2495

Sang Kee Foods — Sai Ying Pun

sang kee foods hong kong restaurant

Hong Kong’s Western District is home to the Teochow or Chaozhou people, who settled in the city after arriving from the Guangdong Province and brought their distinctive Chiuchow cuisine with them. And anyone who understands the Hong Kong food scene knows that Sang Kee Foods is the place to go for its nose-to-tail concept for Chiuchow-style marinated goose — evident in the menu, which includes goose blood curd, web, wing, liver, intestine, and gizzard.

Address: Shop 4, GF, Wo Yick Mansion, 263 Queen’s Road West, Sai Ying Pun
Opening Hours: 9am-8.30pm
Contact: Website | +852 2547 4035

Nishiki Yakitori Restaurant — Tsim Sha Tsui

nishiki yakitori restaurant hong kong
(© Nishiki Yakitori Restaurant)

Nishiki has a well-established presence on the Hong Kong culinary scene, having opened more than 20 years ago. The focus is on Yakitori (grilled chicken), the star being the tsukune that is made with boneless chicken thigh from Japan and Brazil in a specific ratio. Try the grilled chicken liver sourced from local farms. This bustling spot is usually busy, so call ahead to make a reservation — and get a counter seat to see the chefs work their magic.

Address: Shop 103, 1F, Regal Kowloon Hotel, 71 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Opening Hours: 12pm-10:30pm
Contact: Facebook +852 2723 8660

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