The opening day of Ocean Park’s landmark waterpark has been set. Water World will open its doors to the public on the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, 21 September 2021. Dubbed Hong Kong’s “theme park resort,” it will be the city’s first ever all-weather waterpark and the first waterfront waterpark in Southeast Asia.

The project had already been delayed multiple times since it broke ground in 2015. Now, amid promising outlooks bolstered by the city’s steadily increasing vaccination rate, Water World aims to promote international and local tourism in Hong Kong with its multiple tiers of 27 aqua attractions blended seamlessly with existing attractions on the mountain.

In line with stringent hygienic standards to be expected at an amusement venue during this time, Ocean Park stresses regular checks for water quality and overall facility cleanliness.

indoor wave pool located at Hidden Village
Indoor wave pool located at Hidden Village
Water World bird view
Water World bird’s eye view

The indoor waterpark is split into five zones:

  • Splendid Reef, which crawls along the seaside.
  • Torrential River, with three twisty-turny slide attractions including Rainbow Rush which has competitive mat rides where you can channel Aladdin.
  • Adventure Coast, a lazy afternoon sunning spot where kids can splash in the outdoor pool and then grab a family lunch at the Big Wave Snacks kiosk.
  • Thrill Valley, with adrenaline-spiking slides like Daredevil Drop built into the mountainside.
  • Hidden Village, where you can learn how to surf in Horizon Cove, the 1,450-square-metre indoor wave pool with technology to imitate real-life wave conditions. Horizon Cove is also equipped to house shows and parties with its stage area and mega screen.
water slides in Ocean Park
water slides at Water World
rainbow rush slides at water world ocean park

Tickets are on sale online now. During the grand opening period of 60 operating days starting from this day, there will be daily early bird offers, starting from $320 for adults and $225 for children, during weekdays.

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